GroupShot Review

On January 5, 2013

Ahoy thar! Ye just caught us takin’ a group photo. Aye, that be me crew and meself. Tis’ was a success I be thinkin’ because of GroupShot, a new photo editing app I got a couple of days ago for me iPhone. I be tellin’ ye, the app is a genius wonder of the world. No longer will ye have to worry about takin’ the perfect group picture. But don’t ye take me word for it, try it and see the magic for what tis’ for yerself.

Taking the perfect photo of a group is always an arduous task. Most of the time, you take multiple shots just to make sure only to find out that at least one of them was looking in the wrong direction, blinked, or didn’t smile in all of those shots. Aye, we all know that feeling where you just want to scream to the high heavens and ask the almighty Zeus to bring down his wrath on your camera or on that one or two people that looked the other way or blinked.

GroupShot Review

With GroupShot, a not-so new photo editing app available for the iPhone and iPad, you won’t need to worry about screaming to the heavens and most definitely won’t have to pray to Zeus his aid. GroupShot remedies every frustrating group photo scenario you can ever dream up of, ensuring that you get a photo that is just picture perfect. Simply

What it Does in a Nutshell

GroupShot is not like most photo editing apps. If you are thinking that it is like Hipstamatic or Instagram, think again. GroupShot is a photo editing app specifically for taking group photos. It will analyze similar photos and edit it so that every little face in it is looking in the right direction, smiling, and eyes open wide. Yes, it will cut, edit, and merge similar photos to make one perfect photo – the one worthy of a share on Facebook or that frame you plan to hang near your bedroom window. You know that friend of yours that always blinks in group pictures? Or the one who always looks stunned even when it’s just a calm night at the restaurant? GroupShot will make it easy to counter his “inability to be photogenic” within seconds, no worries there!

It’s User-Friendly

One of the most crucial features every photo app requires is an interface that can cater to every one’s technological ability and age. This means that the app must be user-friendly to all, both young and old, male and female. GroupShot is extremely easy to master. In fact, it only took me less than five minutes to fix a group photo I have been dying to edit since Christmas. Oh, you ought to see my face in that one matey, i looks like a bloody mess. I’ll tell ya, that potion i got from that scoundrel clerk for facial rejuvenation does not work to say the least, but this app this make me like a Zoolander amongst me ugly crew.

GroupShot App

All you have to do is choose the photos you want magically merged, indicate the parts of the photo you want replaced or merged by painting it, and the app does the rest. That is the gist of it, no frills and definitely no complicated settings or filters to deal with. You may import photos you took previously or you can take snapshots on the spot with your device and edit them on the fly. It’s really that easy and convenient and extremely useful to have such app, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have in on your iDevice.

It’s only a Dollar

GroupShot is an impressive niche app that will catch the fancy of every amateur photo enthusiast out there, and for only $0.99 in the App Store, it is a clear steal. Macadamia Apps, the group behind this winner, has struck gold in my books.

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