Mafia Rush Review

On September 9, 2012

When I’m not swishing me sword or firing cannonballs across the enemy’s ship, me likes to pretend I’m a gangster, shooting bullets through me enemies to collect booty. And I do this thanks to the app called Mafia Rush. In this app, you get to play Don Corleone, the mob boss, out on a mission to rob, protect his booty, and cause chaos in the city. Truly a dream come true for me, because next to being the pirate app, I’ve always wanted to be part of a mafia.

The Game Play

There are four game modes in this application: Robbery, Attack, Survival, and Defense. In the Robbery game mode, your mission is to steal three bags of money from the bank, which you need to transfer to your getaway truck. Now be careful, because mobsters will be on your trail to attempt to take your loot away from you!

Mafia Rush Review

The second game mode is Attack, wherein you have to find an explosive device, and attach it to a truck to destroy your enemies. As in the Robbery game mode, you’ll have mobsters trying to stop you from completing your mission. Another game mode is the Survival game mode. In this mode, the objective is to yes, you guessed it, survive the game by killing every single one of your mobster enemies.

Lastly, we have the Defense game mode, which is said to be the most challenging of all, with the objective of protecting the bags of money you stole from the Robbery game mode. Of course, the challenging part of this mode would be the hundreds of approaching mobsters, attempting to steal your booty away from you.

It’s a Hard Knock Life for Us

As difficult as it is to be pirate, so is being part of a mafia. As the game progresses, so does the level of difficulty.  The farther you go, the more challenging enemies you’ll meet. At first you’ll encounter enemies with nothing but knives to attack you (Oh the poor blokes! Even I have cannonballs back in me ship!), but as the game progresses, you’ll meet enemies with improved health bars, better weapons, and faster movement.

Mafia Rush App

But don’t worry, because so will you, because as you progress in the game, you gain more experience, making you much more powerful than when you first started the game. Besides, at the onset, you’re already way ahead of your enemies, thanks to your revolver.

There are a few things easy about this game though. The first would be getting it, because it’s absolutely free. The second would be the 3D graphics, because it’s quite easy on the eyes. The last would be it’s catchy soundtrack -50’s melodies with a touch of modern jazz.

Controlling the Boss

As far as control is concerned, it seems pretty simple. The left joystick controls your movement, while the right joystick is for attacking. Just a tip, synchronizing your movement with the angle of your attack isn’t always easy, so you’ll have to strike a balance between your movement and the direction of your attack. This means you can walk towards the left, but shoot to the right.  You just have to find the right direction and balance.


The game is definitely worth trying out because of the mafia theme, the 3D graphics, and the soundtrack that’s easy on the ears. The game also poses quite a challenge, which is definitely worth hours of game play. There are different game modes so you don’t get bored playing just one game mode. As for the controls, though it’s a bit tricky at first, once you get the hang of it (and believe me, you will), everything is smooth sailing from there.

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    Brilliant game!!

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