Monster Wars Review

On January 2, 2013

Ahoy, me maties! It’s me again, your favorite app pirate giving you another review for the coolest apps that ye lads can find in the seven seas.

One of me all time favorite apps is Legendary Wars. It would keep me busy playing for hours while me fellow buccaneers would drink rum and get drunk. But I wished that I had the chance to have control over the monsters than the knights. Yo ho ho! My wish finally came true because the developers of the game came out with Monster Wars. Ye lads and lassies will love this game as you loved the first one.

The Game Play

It’s payback time for the monsters over the knights and their gang. Command your troop of monsters and conquer the land of Legendaria. This will not be easy as its noble men will fight for their kingdom. Your job me matey, is to blow the men down with your gaming skills. Davy Jone’s Locker will be waiting for all of them under the sea.

The game starts with Goby, one of the Goblins, telling you that the high general of Legenderia and his knights are climbing the Magma Mountain to the portal gates to defeat ye monsters once again. But you can’t let the history repeat itself. It’s ye time for victory. With more than 15 customizable monsters to select from, each with their own moves, it’s not impossible for the dark side to win this time. Other monsters can be unlocked using coins and gems. The coins are earned by your monsters and collected by the goblins. Gems are sometimes being given out at the end of a level. However, this is only seldom as gems are premium currencies. Coins and gems are also used for upgrading monsters. But of course, ye need to use more coins for that.

If ye want to upgrade or unlock monsters earlier, you have the option to make in app purchase. If ye have booties on your treasure chest, you can buy gems to have access to all monsters instantly and upgrade them to become more powerful. One of the coolest things about this game is that the monsters evolve into another form when they are upgraded.  You can move certain monster or a whole unit of them by tapping on the appropriate button. After selecting the monsters you want to control, tap on the direction where you want them to move and the unit will take your command.

With 7 worlds to complete and each world with 60 levels, ye lads will spend a longer time playing this game. The first level is like a tutorial mode so you will learn about the basic things you would need to play the game, as well as have the chance to practice them. Aside from the story line game mode, there are endless game modes that you can play if you want unlimited time for playing. This will not only enhance your skills for the game but the coins that you will earn can be used for the upgrades of your monsters.

The Good

The wide selection of monsters and their evolution is exciting as you would feel the need to play better to upgrade them into their maximum level. The different worlds and stages will keep you occupied for a long time. Plus, you will not feel bored because the background changes. Its 2D graphics is eye catching with great details on the characters and the environments. The soundtrack fits the game as it is like those that ye usually hear on scary movies. This will frighten those privateers away.

The Bad

Monster Wars is generally a fantastic game for all ye buckos. However, the game could have had shorter dialogues or a way to skip them if you want to continue with the battle right away. Also, tapping the button to control a unit would sometimes miss. So instead of moving the whole group of monsters, you end up moving only one monster. Blimey!

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