NBA Jam Review

On January 1, 2013

Ahoy me hearties! I’m back for another exciting app review while sailing on the seven seas.

When I was a lad, I loved playing NBA Jam on the arcade with my friends. I would spend some cents and me comrades and I would have a lot of fun. This game is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $4.99. I traded some of me booties so I could get the game and play it on my device. I couldn’t stop myself from playing the game though I have to when it’s time for another treasure hunt.

Seadogs and scallywags will have a great time playing the game. It has all the features of the original arcade game that was released in 1993 and even more. Avast! This NBA Jam review will give ye information on what to expect from this application.

How to Play the Game

Play two on two with another team on the different game modes. Choose your own team and the opponents from the available basketball teams and players. More teams, players and features will be unlocked as you earn achievements. You’ll have the game controls on the left side that will let you move from left to right, up and down and even diagonally on the basketball court. One thing that is not available on the arcade version that I played before is the turbo button.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen with this button! It’s located on the lower right side of the game window with a flaming shoe icon, next to the shoot and pass/steal icons. This will let your character move really quick. Choose between the basic mode and classic campaign to start the game. Select on the game duration and take control of one of the players of your team. This can last for 8, 12 or 20 minutes depending on your settings. Tap on the “pick two teams and four players” Play Now option to start playing on this mode. If you prefer playing with more pirates, aaaarrrggghhh! I mean several teams, tap on the classic campaign option. Choose your team and division and make it to the championship. There’s no need to hornswaggle on this one as you can win the game with your skills.

Though you can unlock the other teams, players and features by scoring high, winning games and earning achievements, you have the option to buy them by going to the Jam store. This option is available on the game screen. If you want to use certain teams or players without having to wait for them to be unlocked, use ye treasures and make your purchase.

The Good

The graphics of the game and the movement of the players, especially when using the turbo feature are great. Since it’s in 3D, it’s almost as if you are seeing the real players on the screen, though their heads are not proportion to their bodies as they are bigger. The crowd noise and background music that play when you make great shots or when you score in a row, make the game more exciting. You would feel that you’re on a real game because of the lively voice of the game announcer. Tim Kitzrow is the person behind this voice and he is the same talent for the original NBA Jam arcade version. Aye, that makes me remember my childhood, before I became a pirate. Another great feature is the ability to play in local multi-player mode using wi-fi or Bluetooth. Show those sprogs and scallywags that you’re the one that will take them all down in NBA Jam.

The Bad

The game is generally good in all aspects compared to other cartoonish basketball games. However, an improvement on the figures to make them more human like instead of the caricature like players, would be great. Also, more eye catching effects when a player had a great shot would be fantastic.

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