Pocket God Review

On October 24, 2012

Let me ask you a question mateys, if you were Calypso, or any other god for that matter, what would you do? If you asked me that question, I would probably have to go with using me power to get meself a cave full of doubloons. Aye, that is what I want, it’s simple I know, but what does a pirate need more. With a cave full of coin, I can buy me a better ship, an island with the biggest tavern in the world, a whole buildin’ full of rum and ale, and, of course, the best wenches in town to serve roast pork, fresh bread, and me mashed potatoes every meal. But, that’s just me. What about ye? Well, if ye want to be a deity that can be a bit cruel to his people, then ye might just love this next mobile game that I am about to tell ye about – Pocket God.

Want to Be a God?

Pocket God is exactly what it name implies – you can become a god that you can tuck away in your pocket. In the game, you land a role as a deity – an all-powerful one – that can literally do what he wants to an island full of people. Now, before you begin to daydream about all the wonderful things you can do for your people and for the island, take a step back and a deep breath first because this particular mobile game is all about the evil and cruel ways of a god. So, basically, you will be taking that role – a god that delivers all kinds of punishment, from the traditional lightning and earthquakes to the strangely perverse laser-touting sharks and poop-dropping birds. Aye, you can probably try to be the best goodly god you can be in the game, but inevitably in the end, you will wreak havoc one way or another.

The game is an open-ended app with no seemingly realistic conclusion. All you do is torture and smite the people on the island however you see fit. And, that basically is the appeal of the game. It is a great stress reliever, something to derive fits of laughter and power-tripping fun from.

How it Looks from Up There

The graphics of the game has a cartoonish ring to it. Well, with the theme of the game that involves playing a cruel god, do you really want all that 3D crap making the whole vengeful deity looking realistic and gory – I think not. The graphics is just the way it should be, cute and a little bit family oriented. The same can be said with all the punishments you can bestow from your glorious throne above. Want a shark to eat your followers? Want a flash of lightning to barbecue a misbehaving cretin? Want to smite groups of pygmies like they were chess pieces? Or, better yet, maybe you want to drop all of them into a raging volcano? The game is a veritable sandbox of torture that you can really dig your teeth into, and the existing graphics works well with it.

How to Smite Your People

The controls of the game are all about the manipulation of switches. As a deity, you will be presented a variety of options on how to unleash cruelty after cruelty. Just activate those options if you wish it so by tapping it. Same goes if you want the death to stop. Other torturous options can be enable via other common controls like swiping, dragging, and veracious tapping.

It isn’t free

Aye, this game isn’t a free one, unlike many other games in its league. However, the game does only cost a dollar or so. Hence, you won’t have to break the bank to get right on it. It is a good buy if you really want to experience being a deity and unleashing hell on your citizenry.

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  1. Godly Power Man says:

    I am the island GOD! Arrr, beware Pigmies!

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