Abyss Attack Review

On August 23, 2013

As pirates, me and me crew are always under constant danger of gettin’ overtaken by angry competitors, the lawmen o’ the sea, or tha countless dangers o’ nature. There was a time when me crew faced off with tha ever present pirates o’ the cove of candy. It be a harrowing tale filled with danger and much more horror then befittin’ of me tastes, so I will save recountin’ it fer later.

O’ course, since we always are besieged by these dangers, it only seems right that we take the time ta train the young ones on how ta fight these dangers. So I flood ’em with many different titles like RTS games or shooters that throw too many enemies at the screen. One o’ these titles caught me eyes once, and this be why we made this Abyss Attack review.

The Game

Abyss Attack follows the vein of many before it. First off, it’s one of those titles that loves to throw countless enemies your way just to see how you can fight them. However, it also does this in a very scaled down way because the screen doesn’t fill up as much as old school flight shooters might. This makes the difficulty of the game scaled down, and at some point, it can also be frustratingly hard.

Abyss Attack Review

Your task is to guide a submarine through many of the undersea monsters that wish to destroy you and your team. The game shoots your guns for your, which can enhance or exchange at the beginning of each round. There are also some additional weapons that can wipe out whole screens of enemies, but also take a very long time to recharge. The subs direction can be changed through swiping the screen, but generally you can only move left and right. This formula has always worked with a lot of different games in the past, but in this game, they push it a little too far.

The Gameplay

The game doesn’t try to mix up the formula in any way, and once you have all the weapons you need, you’ve basically run out of stuff to do. The bosses are huge and can take a significant amount of time to take down, but one can’t help but thing this is just time padding. Lastly, while it does make it feel like old school titles, the game’s lack of checkpoints make Abyss Attack feel like a grinding game. Overall, in tandem with the relatively simple gameplay, the game feels passable, with some traces of inspiration spread across to spice it up.

Abyss Attack App

The good thing about it, is the vibe and atmosphere of the game, which really make you feel like you’re underwater and grabs a hold of you as you play along. Let me tell you lads, i didn’t know there are so many perils in the ocean, and I’m a ship’s captain! Sheesh!

The Look

Cartoon-y looks have always been a staple with app, which makes the neon and dark colors in this title a welcome change. The stark contrast between the two make the title a bit more unique as it is attractive. The clean looks are also a welcome change because it makes the gameplay easier because you can’t mistake a static object as an enemy.

The Verdict

While the gameplay doesn’t try to do anything new, and the difficulty follows a long and arduous path, the game is fun for a while. There’s enough to be had here so that you can whittle away the hours taking out the evils of the ocean. However, you might find yourself bored from time to time, so this title might be more of a burst game.

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