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Wedding Escape Review

On March 30, 2017

Ahoy there me hearties! Ye may not know it but this pirate almost got married to this lady who forced me to marry her. Luckily, this old salt escaped and this ship had been me home since then. Me crew became me family and ‘acourse me parrot pet. This game called Wedding Escape by Firebird […]

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! One of the things that this old salt love to do aside from booty hunting and playing with me pet, is cook and eat! Aye, the crew love me cooking. I am the self-proclaimed chef of the good old Jolly Roger! I keep me kitchen full and […]

The Moron Test Review

On March 23, 2017

Ahoy there me mateys! How’s yer school today? Ye see ‘afore I became a pirate and devoted me self on the sea life, I was a smart student. I saw ye laughing there! Don’t believe me? Ask me parrot friend! It’s been with me ever since and saw just how good I was at school. […]

Fun Ways to Think 2 Review

On March 16, 2017

Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite friendly app pirate is here again ready to give another dose of app review that you will love. Ye lads and lasses probably think that this old salt is all about booty hunting and hitting our enemy’s ship with cannonballs, aye? Well, I may do that a lot but […]

Escape Girl’s Room Review

On March 13, 2017

This old salt is known as a bad ass when it comes to booty hunting and swashbucklin’ fights against the enemies. I will never back down on any challenge or adventure. Me and the crew are always ready on any adventure that we may face and that includes trying girly apps for our lasses out […]

Ye all know me mateys what I typically do on me regular day.  This pirate is fires cannonballs taking down the enemies and swishing me sword on them. There’s also me favorite booty hunting time, and ‘acourse, drinking rum after that! Har, har, har! Then there’s also me down time, which I spend playing with […]

Arrrr! Ahoy there lads and lassies! Yer friendly app pirate is here again. Me and the crew just got back from another exciting booty hunt and we got loads of treasures found. We’re preparing to have a party, ‘course there will be overflowing rum! ‘Afore I get drunk, let me share with ye this detective […]

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