Adorable Home Review

On February 16, 2020

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Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s yer app pirate ready for another adventure on the seven seas. Me love sailing and the good old Jolly Roger, but sometimes me miss me old home when I was a little lad. Me used to help me mom and dad to clean it up and decorate it. This bucko even chose the design for me own room! Well, me still get to design me own room in the ship and me play some apps on me phone like the one that I will share with ye. ‘Tis called Adorable Home by HyperBeard. Avast ye and let’s begin the review for this app.

Adorable graphics

Adorable Home Review

The app lives by its name Adorable Home because its adorable graphics will make the home in the game adorable. Everything is charmingly and smoothly made. It is refreshing to see, especially once you have things around your house. There are many contents to collect as you go along the game so from an almost empty house, it will be more attractive in the long run.

There are mini games


There are a few mini games that will also let you win hears like petting your pet and cutting its nails. However, any wrong move will decrease the number of hearts that you will earn. It’s a game that is ideal if you just want to play casually since you have to wait until you have enough hearts to do something. Plus, after playing a mini game, you also need to wait for hours before you can play again.  

Takes time to collect hearts

Hearts are the currency of the game and you will collect stars by doing things like feeding cats, playing mini games and taking care of your husband. But as mentioned, it can take time to collect hearts so you need to go back after a few hours to do something.

Minimal interaction between characters

While you have a partner in the game, interaction is only minimal. They talk with each other but the husband is usually at work. It would have been a lot better if you can do something else with the partner like go out some place like a mall or restaurant. You can also move things around the house like the furniture. There are a few selections of those things.

The good

The app is free to download and it has adorable graphics that is relaxing to the eyes. There are also mini games although there are only a few. You can unlock several contents as you move forward although it may take time, unless you make an in-app purchase.

The bad

There is minimal interaction with the partner and hearts take time to collect. The furniture and other items cannot be moved around and there are only a few selections of their types.

The verdict

Adorable Home is a free to play casual game that is ideal for cat lovers and those who love decorating homes. However, it is not fast-paced as it takes time to collect hearts, which are the game’s currency. If you are looking for something that you can check out every now and then, this one’s for you.

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