Among Us Review

On November 1, 2020

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Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s yer favorite app pirate ready to travel the seven seas and look for more booties. Aye, ye know these buckos will never get enough of booties and adventure! As ye all know, we sometimes have to sail for days afore we get to our target destination. So we find different things to do to keep us occupied. Aside from playing mobile games, cooking, and drinking, we also play games in the ship like hide and seek. Me played an app recently called Among Us by Innersloth LLC and me think that we could also play that in the good old Jolly Roger. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

Unique gameplay

Among Us Review

This casual action game has something new in store for players. If you are looking for something fresh and new, it will not disappoint you. In a game, there are crew members and an impostor. Crew members need to finish tasks and find the impostor, while the impostor needs to kill the crew and sabotage them so they would not finish their tasks.

Simple graphics but smooth controls

Among Us App

It is not a 3D game or one that has extravagant effects. Instead, it has a simple graphics that would remind you of the classic video games back then. However, it doesn’t take away anything in the game, but makes it charming in its own way, as it somewhat gives you nostalgia. It also has smooth controls so it follows whatever you want it to do.

Fun and challenging multiplayer

It’s a multiplayer game that can be played by up to 10 players. You have the option to join public games, join a private game through a room code, or create your own. It would make you think and strategize, whether you are part of the crew or the impostor. It also has a chat option where you can chat with the players. However, there is not an option at the moment to add them on a friend list in case you want to play with them the next time. That would be a fantastic addition to the game.

It has some bugs

It doesn’t happen all the time, but there are instances where you will be kicked out of the game because you are using an outdated version, although there is no update available. There are also some hackers that make their way to the game and kill the fun by saying who the impostor is right away or making the game window dark.

Thumbs up

Among Us offers something fresh and unique. It has simple but nostalgic graphics and its controls work smoothly. It’s fun, enjoyable, and interesting.

Thumbs down

There are some bugs and hackers could take away the fun in the game.

The verdict

Among Us is a must have on your game list. It’s unique, enjoyable, and fun. It will make you think and strategize. It may have bugs, but the issue that comes with it doesn’t happen all the time, so it’s still worth playing.

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