Angry Bird Match Review

On September 3, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer friendly app pirate is here again to give ye another app review. Me and the crew are about to sail the seven seas again, but ‘afore we do that, I will share with ye first the review of this app that me found from Davey Jones’ locker. Me parrot friend specifically loves this app ‘acause it features birds like it. The app’s title is Angry Bird Match by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

It’s Familiar

Angry Bird Match Review

Angry Bird is a popular movie and it also has several merchandises, such as toys, clothes, etc. The game Angry Bird Match has the same characters as the ones in the movie and various items, making it familiar to many people. If you are a fan of these characters, you will like this app even more. Aside from the familiar characters, another familiar thing about this game is the actual gameplay. It’s also a match 3 game that lets you match 3 or more of the same items. This can also be a drawback since it’s just the same as many other apps in this genre.

Cool Graphics

Rovio is known for its great graphics in the Angry Birds movies. They didn’t disappoint on this app as the graphics is also eye catching. The characters, as well as the various items that are matched are vibrant and appealing. However, the game table itself where the items being matched are seen is small. This makes it challenging especially to those with eye problems.

Easy to Learn But Hard to Master

Angry Bird Match App

As mentioned, Angry Bird Match is like the other match 3 games. It is easy to learn since you basically have to match the same items. However, it is also hard to master since you only have limited moves. Scoring is different as instead of the items you matched, the score will depend on the number of moves left.

The Good

The graphics of this game is fantastic. It’s colorful and the characters are cute. It’s also familiar because it has the same characters as the ones seen in the Angry Birds movie. It’s easy to learn, but has the right amount of challenge, especially on the higher levels, making you want to play more.

The Bad

Although the familiarity of the app as a match 3 app can be a pro because you’ll immediately learn how to play it, this can also be a drawback because it is not that different from other games under this genre. The game window is also small making it challenging to see the items properly, especially to those who have problems with their eyesight.

The Verdict

Angry Bird Match is a nice casual puzzle game to play that will keep you occupied. It has amazing graphics, although the gameplay is just the same as other match 3 games. If you love this genre and you don’t mind playing a similar app like the ones you have played before, give this app a try.

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