Aquarium Farm Review

On March 8, 2020

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Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s yer favorite app pirate who just got back from another exciting dive down Dave Jones’ locker. It’s always satisfying when we have a successful dive and bring back new finds at the good old Jolly Roger. The dive is risky but for some reason, we buckos find it exciting that’s why we always go back. One of the interesting things that me found recently was a pretty shell that reminded of mermaids. So, I thought why not share with ye me lads and lasses something that has to do with them. Avast ye me mateys as we talk about Aquarium Farm by Foranj in this app review.

Outstanding Visuals

Aquarium Farm Review

Aquarium Farm is one of the prettiest games that you will see. If you are into adorable graphics, your eyes will feast with this app. As the title suggests, it’s set under the sea where you can find cute mermaids and their charming purple castle. At the start of the game, the castle will already be there and some colorful, plants, trees, and other underwater things. You will then add more plants, animals and other decors as you move forward with the game.

Familiar with something fresh

Aquarium Farm App

It’s basic gameplay is similar to the farm building games like the popular game Farmville. You will also be planting and harvesting, as well as taking care of animals and getting something from them like eggs from turtles. You will earn as you collect and harvest. There will also be factories and other structures to unlock that will produce other products that you can sell. What’s different is that it is set underwater, which gives a fresh look. Plus, there are also different customers that make their order like other mermaids and people that drive their underwater vehicles.

Takes too long for production to complete

At first, you can easily harvest and produce products. However, as the game progresses, it will also take longer to unlock items or make upgrades. There is an option to speed up the process, but it will use premium currency. You need to be patient when you get to this stage if you don’t want to spend real money. It won’t also be a problem if you will just be checking on it every now and then.

The good

Aquarium Farm has a pretty graphics that is enough to make you want to open the game. You will not just be planting and harvesting, but you will also be selling to different customers. It’s easy to learn and understand, especially it shares the same basic gameplay of similar games, although it still offers something fresh.

The bad

The only drawback that we saw is that it can take long before you can complete process or unlock items.

The verdict

If you don’t mind a game that slowly progresses and you don’t have a problem just checking on it every now and then, Aquarium Farm will satisfy your farm building gaming interest. It’s easy to learn and the graphics will also satisfy you.

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