Archero Review

On January 3, 2020

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer app pirate is back again ready to tackle another booty hunting adventure. This bucko has a lot of skills. Aye, me not only good in navigating the oceans and finding treasure, but me also good in archery! When me was a little lad, me practiced archery and boy me was one of the best in the bunch! When me found this app called Archero by Habby, it brought back the memories. Let me share with ye the said app in this review. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

Cute graphics

Archero Review

There are different characters that you can choose to play and they all look cute. There are also different worlds to explore so you will see different backgrounds. Unlike other games where the setting is repetitive, you can expect to see various things, which is one of the things that make it more interesting. It keeps the game from getting boring. Even the opponents vary, and so as the bosses in boss fights.

Several levels to unlock

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As mentioned, there are different worlds to unlock and there are various levels to reach on these worlds. It means that you are can look forward to plenty of playing time. However, when your character dies, instead of continuing that level for that world, you will go back to level 1. Plus, some of the higher levels are more difficult to pass so you will require more powerful equipment, which also means you need more money. Nevertheless, it’s still not impossible to beat them. You might just be finding yourself repeating them a few or so tries.

Ads are not intrusive

Like most other free games, Archero has advertisements. However, they are not intrusive so you will not feel that they are affecting the game negatively. Plus, the videos will just play when you tap on the ads. Generally, they are not annoying.

Game sometimes crashes

There are times that the game will just crash when loading or playing. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, when it does, it can be frustrating, especially when you will be brought back to level 1.

The good

Archero is free to play and although there are advertisements, they are not bothersome. The graphics is also cute. There are various characters, worlds, and even opponents to see, which make it enjoying and keep it from getting boring. There are several worlds and levels in them to unlock and explore, giving you plenty of playing time.

The bad

There are times that the game crashes when playing, which can be irritating, especially if you are in the middle of action. If you die in the game, you will go back to the level 1 of that world instead of just continuing the level from where you died.

The verdict

Archero is for those who love role playing, action, archery game. It’s exciting and it has several worlds and levels, so you will be looking at a long play time. There are some drawbacks like crashing, but it doesn’t always happen, it can still be acceptable.

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