Baby Puzzles Review

On December 6, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again yer favorite app pirate back from another adventure from the seven seas. When I was a little lad, I used to play a lot of puzzle games and this helped developed me brain and turned me into a smart pirate. Har, har, har! Even now that I am an old salt, me still love puzzle games. The app that I will share with ye is about puzzles. ‘Tis called Baby Puzzles by AppQuiz. Avast ye and let’s begin.

It’s Educational

Baby Puzzles Review

As the title suggests, Baby Puzzle is puzzle game for children. This app is educational because like any puzzle games, this allows the brain to work and let the kids think. They also become more familiar with the different objects that they will see on the game. This will develop their brains, skills, and knowledge, while having fun at the same time. This will keep them occupied, which is good especially on long travels, or when the parents or guardians need to do something and they need their kids to behave.

Cute Graphics

The graphics were designed for kids. Children will enjoy looking at the objects as they are colorful. There are also wide ranges of objects to see, which are part of the puzzle game, including animals, letters, vegetables, fruits, and toys. The puzzle pieces are moved to their appropriate matches. However, they need to be more accurate for the puzzles to fit. This area needs improvement. Since kids are mostly the ones using this app, the pieces should snap to their match once they are moved to a specific area even when they are not perfectly placed.

Only for Youngsters

Baby Puzzles App

Since the puzzle game was designed to be played by kids, the audience that might be interested in playing the app is only limited. Toddlers will find this exciting, but teens and adults will not consider this if playing for themselves. However, this is a good game for older users like parents who wish to play or spend time having fun or teaching youngsters.

Inappropriate Advertisements

Like other free apps, it also has advertisements. However, since this is a game for toddlers, other advertisements are not appropriate and are more directed to adults.

The Good

Baby Puzzle is a free app that toddlers will enjoy. This will keep them occupied. It’s also educational and it develops the mental skills of the children, while making them familiar with the various objects used, such as animals, shapes, letters, and fruits. The graphics are colorful too.

The Bad

There are advertisements that are not appropriate for kids. The audience of the game is limited because it is designed for children.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an app for a child or toddler, Baby Puzzle game is a good option. It may have advertisements, but it’s free, colorful, and enjoyable for kids. There are wide ranges of objects used in the puzzles, making the kids more familiar with then.

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