Banana Kong Review

On August 7, 2013

I despise monkeys. They be a thievin’ and mischievous bunch that have no rules whatsoever. They fling their feces at people, steal yer banana stash, and generally act as if they aren’t accountable fer anything. Curse them archeologists that find proof we come from these blasted lot, because that means one o’ me most ancient ancestors use to fling poo at other monkeys as well.

O’ course, the whole species ain’t all bad, as some o’ me most fond childhood memories come from the games which star these simians. I couldn’t help meself when I saw that there was a title that included Kong floating like message in bottle on the app store. So when I picked it up, I started writing this Banana Kong review straight away.

The Gameplay

Okay, if you’re sick of the whole endless runner genre, chances are you won’t be turned by this title. It follows the mold so closely, you could probably replace a lot of the visual elements in this game with that of Jet Pack Joyride and notice nothing different. The premise in this title is that the monkey in the game is tasked with facing his greedy ways by running away from the titanic banana avalanche that he started. Along the way, the ape’s banana stealing ways still persist because you still collect these little yellow fruits along the way, but instead of hoarding them they are used for buying upgrades and such.

Banana Kong Review

At the same time, you’ll be faced with the same slew of different challenges in these kinds of games. There are odd spider webs, plane parts, and barrels that will hinder you from progressing, but the monkey does come equipped with a shoulder charge attack. Taking these obstacles down don’t get you extra point, but it is fun to see them do so. On the subject of points, you’re probably expecting this title to have an iAP store. Well, you’re right because you can purchase upgrades with the use of bananas or real world money. Overall though, Banana Kong doesn’t do a bad job of the endless runner genre, just a generic one which is easily forgettable but massively fun while it lasts.

The Look

Surprisingly enough, this title sort of outshines the other endless runner games on the market. First off, the ape you control is endearing and adorable. It is well animated and has these very cute expressions every time something happens to it. The world around the ape is obviously done with a lot of care as the greenery behind the monkey speeds by. It is an amazing looking game considering he other titles available on the market.

Banana Kong App

Also, the creatures are cute and lovely, and the background suits perfectly to the vibe and atmosphere of the game. I especially like them sunken Pirate ships in the bottom of the ocean, Ahh let me tell you Lads and Lassies i am responsible for quite a few of them, Har Har Har!

The Verdict

Banana Kong doesn’t do anything wrong in any way, but at the same time, it isn’t doing anything new. This is the very definition of cookie cutter game, but at the same time, it is fun and addicting in its own way. The visuals are gorgeous, and navigating the monkey can be a treat once you get some of the unique power-ups afforded to you. This is definitely recommended to those that miss the endless runner genre, and to those to who are new to it as well.

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