Benji Bananas Review

On April 21, 2018

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! This bucko just got back from an amazing and exciting adventure with the crew. We found this island on our quest for booties and though we didn’t find gold or jewelries, the island had its own treasures as it was rich in fruit bearing trees! The buccaneers and I brought loads of fruits to the ship that will last us several days. There were lots of bananas, which me favorite! Aye, these buckos tell me that I’m like a monkey ‘acause of me love for bananas. Har, har, har! Just like the main character in the app that we will review. ‘Tis called Benji Bananas.

Fun Graphics and Sounds

Benji Bananas Review

The graphics of the game is something that will attract youngsters. It’s more like of the drawings that you will see on children’s story books. However, this doesn’t mean that it will not interest adults, as it is something that can be played by players of all ages. There are various backgrounds that you will see like the jungle, temple ruins, and waterfalls, although they will just repeat over and over as you play the game. The sound effects are fun too, which include the birds humming like you’re in the real jungle, and the monkey screaming. You can also change the look of the monkey, which adds points to the game.

Easy to Learn

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It’s simple to learn how to play the game. Just tap on the screen for the monkey to grab the vine and swing to the next. There are bananas and other power-ups to collect as you avoid the obstacles and prevent falling down. The goal is to stay as long as you can to reach the highest possible score.

Something to Pass Time

Benji Bananas is something that you can play now and then to pass time. Since the gameplay is just similar all throughout the game, it can be repetitive and monotonous in the long run, so you might not end up playing it for an extended period. Although it’s free, there are intrusive advertisements that can be annoying and affect the overall game experience. Moreover, you need to start all over from the beginning when you fall. There’s no save option or something that will let you start from where you left.

The Ups

Benji Bananas is free to play and it’s simple to learn. It has fun graphics and sound effects. You can also change the look of the character.

The Downs

The app has intrusive advertisements that can affect the gameplay. It can also be repetitive and monotonous in the long run. There’s no option to save the game and it restarts at the beginning.

The Verdict

Benji Bananas is not a bad game. However, it’s also not something fresh and it can be repetitive in the long run. If you are looking for something to occupy your time or to pass time every now and then, this app will do.


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