Bomber Friends Review

On November 1, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again yer favorite app pirate back from another fun adventure from the seven seas. I didn’t forget ye me lads and lasses as I brought ye another dose of app review. The app that we will talk about in this review for today will remind ye of an old classic video game that ye buccaneers may have played back in the days. The app is called Bomber Friends by Hyperkani.

Cute Graphics

Bomber Friends Review

The graphics of the game is adorable. It’s cartoon like and the characters can be customized. It adds to the fun because you can personalize your character like choose the gender, change hair, hat, etc. You can see the characters, bricks, and other objects on the game window properly. On the left side is the list of players. You will know immediately which players have already died as their names will have an RIP sign instead of their avatar.

It’s Nostalgic

Bomber Friends is nostalgic as it will remind you of the classic video game called Bomberman. It’s apparent that this app was inspired by the said game as their main features or basic gameplay are the same. Instead of the bomberman in the classic game killing the ghosts, it will be your chosen character that will kill them. Plus, it has a multiplayer mode that lets you play with other players, and you can take down each other. The game has a chat feature, but since it’s usually a fast paced game, your focus will be on playing the game so you probably won’t have time with chatting.

Bomber Friends App

Controls Work Smoothly

The controls are on the lower left side of the screen. You can use them to move forward, backward, left, or right, and they work smoothly so you won’t have problems moving around. The bomb option is on the lower right. After some time playing the game, your hand coordination will be better so you can focus on where your character is going without having to look at the controls.

Annoying Advertisements

While the game can be fun, the big downsides are the annoying advertisements. You will see advertisements when you open the app, as well as when the game ends. What’s annoying is that you cannot just close the advertisements, but instead, you will be forced to watch the ads until they end.

The Ups

Bomber Friends is fun and it has cute graphics. The characters can be customized. The controls of the app work fine so you will not have difficulties playing the game. There is a multiplayer option that lets you play with friends or other players, and there’s also a campaign mode that will let you play alone, finishing hundreds of levels.

The Downs

The only downside of this game is its many annoying advertisements. There are ads that show up when you open the app and when the game ends. You will be forced to watch these ads.

The Verdict

Bomber Friends is a fun game that you can play alone or with friends and other players. It’s a nostalgic app that will remind you of the popular classic Bomberman game. If you can live with the advertisements, you will love this game.

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