Bouquet of Words: Word Game Review

On February 23, 2024

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Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again yer friendly app pirate and I can’t wait to share another app review with ye. My parrot friend and I spent time playing after me dived down Davey Jones’ locker. Me got some interesting finds, so it was a good one. I was planning to go on another dive, but me parrot pet wanted to play badly, so I let the other buckos dive and I stayed to play. After me parrot got tired playing, this old salt played one of me go to games when I wanted to pass time, and that’s word games. It not only helps kill boredom, but it also helps improve me vocabulary and train me brain. If ye share the same interest in playing such game, you’re in for a treat. Listen up and let me tell ye lads and lasses more about this app called Bouquet of Words: Word Game by IsCool Entertainment.

It has thousands of levels that get challenging

Bouquet of Words Review

You will not run out of levels to play because as of this writing, there are thousands of levels available in this game, and it is continuously being updated. It’s a great way to kill time while having fun. Plus, you can also play it offline, so you can take it anywhere with you, whether you’re in a long bus ride or waiting in line for your appointment. 

It’s free but the number of advertisements is ridiculous

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It’s free to download, which is perfect if you prefer not to spend real money on your games. There are in-app purchases, although they are optional. Unfortunately, the advertisements can be a turndown. The number of advertisements that appear is ridiculous. You get many ads throughout the game, and they are long. Moreover, you cannot turn off the sounds of the video ads, which can be annoying, especially if you just want to play in peace. 

It has relaxing backgrounds

One of the good things about this app is that it has beautiful backgrounds that are relaxing. They have a nature theme, so you will see things like mountains, flowers, plants, and water. Playing the game while having that background helps ease your mind. 

It tests you vocabulary

It has a familiar gameplay. So, if you played word puzzle games before, you will know right away how it’s played. Even if you’re new to it, it’s easy to learn, so you’ll learn how to do it in no time. It will challenge your vocabulary as you create words based on the given letters. It starts off as easy then gradually increases in difficulty. 

The ups

It’s free, fun and challenging. There are thousands of levels to play and you can play it offline. It’s easy to learn and it has beautiful backgrounds. 

The downs

The number of advertisements is ridiculous and the videos are long. There’s also no way to turn off the sounds of the video ads. 

The verdict

Bouquet of Words: Word Game is another app to add on your list if you are into word puzzle games. There’s nothing to lose because it’s free and once downloaded, you can play it offline. It gradually increases in difficulty, which prevents it from being boring. 

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