Bubble Words Review

On January 6, 2020

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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. Ahoy there me lads and lasses! ‘Tis late at night and the entire crew is already asleep. Our booty hunting was a success, and ye know, we partied all night and drank a lot of rum. I’m also about to go to sleep, but of course me remember of ye hearties. Me won’t forget giving ye another app review that me know ye are waiting for. So me will go straight to it right now and tell ye more about this app called Bubble Words by Genera Games. Avast ye and let’s begin.

Adorable graphics

Bubble Words Review

The graphics of this game is refreshing and adorable. There are different worlds, but generally, they are all set under the sea, although there are different backgrounds. The main game window will show you letters in bubbles. There’s also the number of words you need to find on top and the points you made so far. Depending on the world you are in, you will also see various objects like iceberg, seaweeds, and tropical trees on top showing the shore.

Levels get challenging

Bubble Words App

It is easy to solve the first few levels. It will give you the instructions, but if you have been playing word puzzle games before, you will immediately understand its gameplay. Tap on the letters to create a word and to reach the points and number of words that you need. However, it gets more challenging on higher levels, which is fine, since it can be boring if there is no challenge. Although some levels are tough, they are still possible to pass.

You need to wait to get more lives

Most similar games have 5 lives, but this one only offers 3 at max. It takes time before you can get another life so if you used all your lives, you need to wait for another life to respawn before you can continue playing, unless you make an in-app purchase. It’s something that you can do but you are not forced nor required to do this.

Comes with ads but not bothersome

This is free app that comes with advertisements. However, the ads are fine since they will not bother your gameplay. You can keep playing without worrying about advertisements.

The ups

Bubble Words has adorable and refreshing graphics. The worlds are eye-catching and there are several levels to unlock that gets challenging but not impossible to solve. It’s free to play and while it comes with advertisements, they are not really bothersome.

The downs

It only comes with 3 lives max. So, if you run out of all lives, you need to wait to get a new life to continue playing, unless you want to make an in-app purchase to get more lives in an instant.

The verdict

Bubble Words is highly recommended for those who love word games. It has the same gameplay like most other similar games but with challenging levels. The graphics are adorable, making it even more fun to play.

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