Chuck the Bot Review

On April 12, 2013

Avast! Me man-o-war be ready for another round wit’ these scurvy dogs lookin’ to steal my booty! Yet, me best belay this talk and handsomely speak of an app worth reviewing! Chuck the Bot be needing some help as this young buccaneer be trapped in tons of puzzles! Aye,

Unfortunately this rusty old Seadog not be much for help… but that’s where ye come in! Come hither, me matey! Let us proceed to the poop deck and be talkin’ more of this fun gaming app!

Chuck the Bot

In this beautifully-drawn world where everything looks as if they were made from paper, Chuck the Bot is in a heap of trouble. He is trapped inside these puzzled and objects in it are turning red. The objective of the game is to take out these red objects before Chuck can leave the level by flying off using his balloon.

Chuck the Bot Review

Use every object you can in this innovative puzzle-meets-physics game and help Chuck the Bot be free! If you still have some brain tissue, unlike me stinkin’ crew you might have the chance to cope with the endless puzzles and challenges, Arrr!

Game Play and Controls

In order to solve the puzzle and get through the level, you would need to remove the red objects. To do this, you have to use various objects such as ropes, cars, catapults and anything you can use in your arsenal. Set the pieces and launch them into action, using physics to remove all the red objects on the screen. The number of possibilities is limitless with all the stuff you can use to help Chuck. Plus, controls are very easy to navigate. Just tap and drag various items on the screen. When you are done, simply launch the sequence into action.

Fun or Boring?

You’ll be essentially getting a puzzle game in which you can beat your own high scores in as well as publish for the world to see. However, is there any more to it than that? While the retina display provides stunning visuals, the whole idea of the game is simple. What makes it not boring is the idea of being able to customize and publish your own levels. Plus, you get to play online with your friends too and even play against gamers from all over the world.

Chuck the Bot App

Another enjoyable part of Chuck the Bot is being able to create your own levels for other players to take part of. When you publish it online, players from all over the world will be able to check out the fruits of your labor! That only makes the community grow bigger and makes the game funner.

Free vs. Paid

If you download the free version of the game, you can only play 15 levels before it’s the end of the line for you. Once you purchase the complete version for $.99, you will be able to play the complete 60 levels. In addition, you will also be able to play levels that can be found online and even upload the levels you have created.


While this may seem like a simple puzzle game, Chuck the Bot will really hook you in once you start with it. The number of things you can do to solve the puzzles is more than enough to get you to play for hours. There are a number of ways to solve each level and that’s what makes it really enjoyable!

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