City Vandal Review

On February 27, 2018

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses, me and the crew are about to tackle a new booty hunting adventure in this island that we discovered. But ‘afore we sail in the good old Jolly Roger, let me first share with ye another app review. This app reminded of me of the old days when I was a little lad. Me and my friends were naughty as we painted walls on our way back home from school and yeah, we were caught a few times! Har, har, har! The app that we will talk about for today is called City Vandal by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Let’s begin the review.

Charming Graphics

City Vandal App

The graphics of the game is adorable. It’s cartoonish and the policemen looking after the area trying to catch the main character doing the vandalism are funny. The main characters are also cute but there are only two of them. It would be nice if there are more characters to choose from. There are also different settings so you can see something different on various levels.

Simple to Learn

It is easy to learn how to play the game. There are specific goals to achieve on each level letting you know how many paints you need to do to move to the next. What makes it challenging is that you need to do this before you run out of time. Plus, you also have to take into consideration the policeman on watch. These policemen react differently, so you need to be careful. Some act fast, while others take more time to react so you have to be quick on getting to your safe zone before they catch you.

It’s Free But Has Many Advertisements

City Vandal is free to download and play, and although it comes with in-app purchase, you are not forced to purchase them. However, like most free apps, it also comes with advertisements. The downside is that they can be annoying and they can affect the overall game experience as they keep on popping up. They can be annoying, especially the videos that you need to watch for a few seconds before you can continue with the game.

It Is Repetitive

City Vandal Game

Although there are several levels to complete, the basic gameplay is just the same, and that is to paint the vehicles that you see, while the policeman is not looking. It is repetitive and can get boring in the long run since you are just doing the same thing.

The Ups

City Vandal is free to play. It is easy to learn and it has adorable graphics. It is an easy way to pass time.

The Downs

It has annoying advertisement, and while it can get you occupied for a short period, it can get boring after some time because it is repetitive.

The Verdict

City Vandal is a good game if you want to pass time every now and then. However, since it is repetitive, this may not be something that you can find yourself playing for hours, each day.

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