Closet Organizer Review

On February 13, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer friendly app pirate is back again for another app review that me know you are waiting for. Don’t worry because I got ye covered. I should have done it earlier, but me and the crew were busy cleaning and organizing the kitchen. Aye, we had a cook off this morning just for fun. We had a great time and the food was delicious. But it left us with a huge mess in the kitchen. That’s okay though because we quickly got everything back in order since we helped each other. Although me and the buckos make a mess at times, we are also good at organizing. I guess playing organizing games also helps as it motivates and inspires us to clean up. So, let me share with you about one of those games in this review, and it’s called Closet Organizer by Lion Studios.

It’s relaxing and satisfying

Closet Organizer Review

As the title suggests, you will organize closets in this game, which makes it a relaxing one. It’s satisfying when you successfully place everything property in the closet. There’s something calming about organizing things, and this is the next best thing to the actual thing. It’s less tiring since you don’t have to actually exert effort in cleaning up, but you can do everything with just tapping your device. 

It’s free but it has way too many ads

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This game is free to download and pay. There are in-app purchases, but it doesn’t really feel like you would need to make any purchase since you can keep playing for free. The problem is that it has way too many ads. You get several ads, even while in the middle of playing a level. There is an option to pay to remove ads. But for some reason, even if you pay to remove the advertisements, there are still ads that show up, which shouldn’t be the case. 

It’s not that challenging and it can get repetitive

This is a simple organizing game. Although the closets change and the number of objects you need to organize also changes as you progress in the game, the levels can get repetitive at some point. They are not too different from each other, so you might get bored of seeing the same thing in the long run. However, if you don’t mind that and you are just looking to pass time, then it wouldn’t be too bad. 

It has colorful artwork

The drawing is colorful. There’s a gray closet in the room that has a brown floor and green wall. The colors come from the different items that you need to organize, such as clothes, underwear, socks, towels, and bags. They are placed in baskets, and divided by categories or types. 

Thumbs up

This app is free to download. It has colorful graphics, and it has a simple yet relaxing gameplay. It feels satisfying when you successfully organize the items. 

Thumbs down

There’s way too many ads and it can get repetitive in the long run. 

The verdict

If you are looking for a simple, and relaxing organizing game, we recommend trying Closet Organizer. It’s not that difficult, but if you are only after passing time without getting stressed, this is for you. It’s free and the items that you will organize are colorful and they also vary. 

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