CombiWord Review

On April 2, 2020

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer app pirate is here again, back from another heart-pumping yet exciting booty adventure with the crew. The more dangerous it is, the more we like it, because ye know that these buccaneers are up for any challenge! Har, har, har! Well, ye hearties might be thinking that this old salt knows nothing but treasure hunting and drinking rum. That’s not entirely true because me also use me brains! Me love playing games that make me think; just like the app that I will share with ye today. ‘Tis called CombiWord by Genius Games. Avast ye and let me tell ye more about this game.

Basic interface and available offline

CombiWord Review

The app is downloadable for free. Once downloaded, you can play it even when you are offline, which is convenient as it can keep you occupied anywhere you are, even when there is no Internet connection. The interface of this game is simple. As soon as you load the game, it will show you the option to tap play, then it will show the first level. The background color is light blue, and on top you will see the game’s logo, your level, and the coins you collected, which you can use for hints. Below that are two images, which give you the clue of the word that you need to guess. There are also the letters that you can select from and the block boxes where your chosen letters will appear.

Several levels to complete

CombiWord App

There are several levels waiting for you to complete. If you love word games like this one, you will like that it offers long hours of playing time. Also, you can stop and pick up wherever you left off. It will keep you occupied, especially when you want to pass time.

It will make you think

Depending on how well you play on this type of game, the different levels will make you think, which is one way to exercise your brain and vocabulary. There is also a description of the word once it’s correctly guessed.

It sometimes hangs and no option to remove background music

There are times that the game hangs or the pictures take time to load. Also, one of the levels didn’t have the correct answer before, although it was already fixed by the developers with the comments coming from other players. There is also no option to remove the background music. If you get distracted by it, you can lower your phone volume as a work around as there is no option to adjust on the game as of this writing.

The good

The app is free to download and it can be played offline. There are several levels to complete that will make your brain work and improve your vocabulary.

The bad

It sometimes hangs so you may need to restart the game.

The verdict

CombiWord is an interesting app for those who are into word games. It’s free and it can also be played offline so you can take and play it everywhere, even if you don’t have Internet connection.

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