Cooking Scene Chef Review

On January 13, 2018

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. Ahoy there me maties! Here’s yer favorite app pirate again ready to give ye another app review. I was about to write it this morning but the crew were all drunk as they took down a barrel of rum last night! This old salt had to cook them breakfast for their hangover. But that’s okay as this bucko is fond of cooking. Aye, me wanted to be a chef when I was a little lad. The app that I will share with ye today also has something to do with that. Avast ye as we’ll now begin to review the app called Cooking Scene Chef by Twim Studios.

It’s a Fun Time Waster

Cooking Scene Chef Review

If you are into cooking game, you will enjoy playing this game. But even if you are not that into this game genre but you are looking for a fun game to play to pass time, it will keep you occupied. You can keep on playing because there are no lives that are used like in other games, which may run out. The images are fun to see and you are always in action so you wouldn’t realize that time has passed by.

It Has Cool Graphics

Cooking Scene Chef App

The graphics of the game is adorable. There are different customers to serve that have various looks. It’s also fun to look at their style. The foods that are being served, and so as the cooking equipment may not look that realistic but you could still properly distinguish what they are and they can still make you think of the real thing.

It’s Fast Paced

This is a fast paced game as customers just keep on coming in and placing their orders. You need to cook and serve their orders as soon as possible in order to get as much coins as possible. It needs focus and multitasking so you can maximize the time. The coins are slow to earn at first, but once you upgraded your kitchen equipment, it will be easier to and faster to earn coins that you will need for more upgrades.

No Cost, But with Ads

Cooking Scene Chef is available for free. Those who prefer to download and play app without spending anything will find this a good option. However, a minor drawback, as you would expect on any free to play games is that this one has advertisements. Moreover, there are some technical difficulties like not being able to upgrade even when you have coins, although these glitches don’t happen to everyone and at all times.

The Good

It’s free to play and it has fun graphics. It’s fast paced making it a good time waster. There are various customers and different foods to serve so it’s not boring.

The Bad

It has advertisements and there are some glitches every now and then.

The Verdict

Cooking Scene Chef has minor drawbacks like advertisements and the glitches that happen every now and then. However, it’s fun, fast-paced, and it has adorable graphics. It’s also free so you may want to give this a try.

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