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On June 21, 2019

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! This bucko is the master in the kitchen of the good old Jolly Roger. Me always loved cooking even when I was little lad. Me would watch me mom cook and later on, I was helping her, and before me know it, I was already preparing some simple dishes. Growing up, me interest in cooking further intensified. This buccaneer was fascinated in watching cooking shows and contests like Master Chef! Now that I’m a pirate, aside from booty hunting, me also prepare delicious foods for the crew. One of the apps that me use is Cookpad by Cookpad Inc (UK) and I will tell you more about it in this review.

Simple and clean interface

Cookpad Review

Most of the color that you will see is white as this is the background of the app. This works well because it gives it a clean feel, plus you can also see the images and the texts easily. The text of the options turn orange when you select or hover on them, which will give you an indication which one you are currently looking at. The titles of the posts are in green. Overall, the developers kept it simple and neat, but still pleasing to the eyes, by making sure that it looks organized. The search field is also always on top of the pages, so you can easily search specific keywords anytime.

Several recipes available

Cookpad Review

As of this writing, there are over 3 million recipes available in the app that are shared by users like you. The app is a recipe sharing site, where you can share your own recipe, as well as learn from the other recipes that other users share. Since users are from all over the world, you can find recipes that are from different countries. Plus, these are shared by home cooks like you so you can find different variations, and even add your own twist, which you can then share so others may want to try it. This app also has a web version. There are some reports that some of their friends’ recipes that are on the web are not found on the app.

Easy tracking of recipes you want to try

If you find a recipe that you want to try in the future, the app offers a feature to save that. You can check this list anytime, which can also help in preparing for your daily meals, which is a struggle for many people as there are times that you run out of ideas on what food to prepare for the family. You can also easily mark those that you already tried and visit them to see which recipes you cooked in the past.

The good

This app is free to download. It has a clean, simple, and organized interface. It has over 3 million recipes that you can easily save for future use.

The bad

Some of the recipes that can be found on the web version are not available in the app.

The verdict

Although there seems to be a system glitch where some of the recipes from the web version can’t be seen in the app, it is still an interesting app to try. Cookpad is free and there are 3 million recipes and continuously growing, that you can try and learn from.

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