Cotton Candy Shop Review

On August 23, 2019

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again yer friendly app pirate getting ready for another booty hunting adventure with the entire crew. It was a successful dive at the bottom of the sea down Davey Jones’ locker yesterday and today, we are looking forward to another success. As a reward, we treated ourselves with some sweets including our favorite cotton candy! Aye, we buckos love that! I cannot share with ye me cotton candy since this old salt is in the middle of the nowhere, but I will share with ye an app called Cotton Candy Shop by Tap Happy.

Colorful and adorable graphics

Cotton Candy Shop Review

The app lives up to its name. When you hear the word cotton candy, one of the things that come to mind is its colorful and this app is just like that. Its colors are an eye-candy and everything looks adorable. From the shop to the ingredients that you will use in making cotton candies, they pop with color and they are fun to see.

A mix of various games

It’s not just about making cotton candies, but it has a variety of games included in it. Customers will be coming into your shop ordering cotton candies. Aside from preparing them based on their specific orders, you will also get their payment and give them the receipt. Unlike other games where you just click on the money, you will put them individually in the cash register just like you would in the real world. There are also competitions and you can change the display in your shop. Plus, it has a dress up game side because you can change the outfit of the main character.

It caters more to kids

Cotton Candy Shop App

The app will sell more to kids. However, even if you are an adult, if you are still into playing colorful and eye-candy apps, it will still work for you. Although it caters more to kids, there’s no stopping adults from playing it too, especially it is really relaxing to the eyes.

A lot of content to unlock

As you progress in the game and earn more, you get to unlock more options including ingredients for the cotton candies, outfits for the main character, and other products to sell such as cupcakes and cakes.

The ups

Cotton Candy Shop is an eye-candy. It is a colorful app with cute graphics that will please your eyes. It is more than just a cotton candy making game because it offers more features such as dress up and competitions.

The downs

It caters more on kids, so not all adults may be interested.

The verdict

Cotton Candy Shop is a must try especially if you have kids and you want them to enjoy or want them to do something to occupy their minds. Although it was designed for kids, it is still not a bad thing for adults since it has different game features and it is an eye-candy. Just looking at the graphics of the game is already a treat.

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