Crazy Dentist Review

On June 13, 2013

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Blimey! Laddie, look’t me teeth! It be rotting like I been fed to the fishes! Arrrrr! Nevermind it then… A handsome pirate like me ne’er needs pretty teeth to get me a lass. Aye, there be this game called Crazy Dentist and it be fun to play, especially if you got offspring of ye own. Sail ho, me hands! Let us talk about this game some more, won’t we? It sure be worth yer time or I be making ye walk off the plank! Har har har!!!

The Crazy Dentist Game

As a child, have you ever dreaded going to the dentist? Being helpless in a chair and not being able to move will sure put the scare into anyone. Of course, this game makes those fears worse by having a crazy dentist perform procedure after procedure on unsuspecting patients. Only this time, you are the dentist! Of course, in the end, all you want to do is to make sure that every dentist leaves your office with the most pristine teeth.

Crazy Dentist Review

Personally, i’d rather walk the plank than let some up to no good dentist scallywag touch me teeth, Arrr. Aye, a Pirate with a good set of teeth is considered a weakness in the seven seas, the perkier your smile is the more likely Ti’s you’ll get mugged or bamboozled, Savvy?

Features of the App

Crazy Dentist starts off giving you options on the characters you would like to perform procedures on. Each one of them has different types of teeth conditions, with some being worse than the others. You have a set of tools that you can use for your patients and each one of them has a specific purpose. Then again, you’re kind of a demented doctor so there are quite some peculiar things that you won’t ever get to see in actual dentist’s office.

For instance, you can take rotten teeth out by pulling them with pliers. However, instead of throwing them away, you place them as part of your tooth collection. Then once you have done the procedures needed to fix your patient’s teeth, you can whiten them to make their teeth into pearly whites once again. Or, you can color them green or purple depending on which will satisfy your craziness.

Crazy Dentist App

Other features in the game make your experience as the dentist a little all too real, which is a good thing. Every piece of equipment you have makes a realistic sound while you use it which adds a bit of realism to the game. The drill makes this piercing sound while you use it on teeth and the suction slurps up the drool that accumulates in the mouth of your patient. Similar to what it really sounds like in real life!

The Verdict

This game is a fun game to play but it does come with its limitations. You have a specific set of patients and the conditions they have never change or never mixed up, so you end up doing the same thing over and over again. While you do get a wacky bunch of characters, you might end up getting tired of playing Crazy Dentist. The great thing about is that the download is for free so you won’t end up wasting a Dollar for it when you eventually get tired of playing the app.


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