Crossy Road Review

On June 15, 2015

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Ahoy, there me lads and lasses! Your friendly app pirate is back from another adventure from the seven seas. My buccaneers and I found loads of booties. ‘Tis why we had fun in the ship the other night and gulped a lot of rum. The buckos were still snoozing, but me woke up early so I started playing this new game that I found. It’s called Crossy Road that me will share more about in this review.

Combination of Your Favorite Games

Crossy Road Review

Crossy Road is like Frogger as you need to cross the street successfully without being hit by various vehicles or drowning in the water. It’s like Minecraft because the characters and background would instantly remind you of that block building game. It’s also an endless runner because the game would keep going until your character dies. Since it has the familiarity of all these popular games, it makes you feel drawn to try it and feel that you can easily play it.

It Would Keep You Playing for Hours

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It’s true that the game is easy to play in a sense that the controls are the basic you use on usual endless runners, and as mentioned, the goal is the same, which is to reach as far as you can to get the highest score. However, when you play the game, you’ll get that “it’s actually not as easy as it seems” moment and you would want to try again to do better.

The game is simple yet exciting. Imagine a cartoonish application making you jump out of your seat or enough to make your heart pound faster. That’s the kind of game it is. As you get farther in the game, the vehicles become faster and the roads and rivers become wider, giving you lesser room to stop for a breather.

The Good

What’s good about this app is the gameplay is easy to learn. Tap to jump, swipe left and right to move to that direction and that’s everything you need to know about the controls. While it’s simple to learn, it’s difficult to master making it challenging. If you’re up for the challenge on how far you can go, this could test your gaming powers. It also has different characters that you could choose from. While they can be purchased, you can get them once you have enough coins so there’s really no need to spend anything.

The Bad

Like other endless runners, even the challenge that it brings and its cute graphics could get old after some time. The excitement could fade after a long time playing it since it’s just the same. The vehicles may be faster and the roads and river may be wider, but the background and gameplay are similar.

The Verdict

Overall, considering the fact that it’s free to download, it’s challenging and visually appealing, I recommend that you try this game. Yes, you might find it repetitive after a long time, but it would definitely take a while before you’ll get tired of it. Plus, anytime that you want to pass time and there’s nothing to do, this would keep you occupied.

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