Cute Memo: Cloud Sticky Notes Review

On August 6, 2017

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. Ahoy there me lads and lasses, this buccaneer is about to sail the seven seas but don’t worry as I will be sharing with ye another app review. The crew are already preparing for another booty hunting adventure so let me start with this review on the app called Cute Memo: Cloud Sticky Notes by Fictogram. Avast ye and let’s begin.

Adorable Background and Stickers

Cute Memo App

This is what makes this note app different from the regular apps that are similar to it. It’s a great app for those who are into cute stuff and needs a notepad on their smartphone. The app lets you customize the background of your notes, which is fun. It also comes with adorable stickers that you can add on the notes to make them look better. The stickers cannot be resized though. It would have been better if there was an option to do this. Nevertheless, the stickers are still cool. There are also limited options, so more stickers would be more fun.

Easy to Use

Cute Memo is not complicated to use. It may have different backgrounds and stickers, but its main use, which is to let you create notes, or checklists can be easily done. It has a basic user interface, making it easy to understand. No matter how unfamiliar you are with it, it wouldn’t take long that you will get to familiarize yourself with its options and its use.

Comes with Added Features

Cute Memo Backgrounds

Aside from its main use, which is to save notes, it also has a few added features, which are welcome addition to the app. It has an alarm that you can set so you will be reminded about anything that you wish to be reminded of. This is helpful because sometimes, even if you have notes, you still forget about certain matters because you also forget to check on the notes you created. The alarm will prevent that from happening. There’s also the option to place the notes on the homes screen of your smartphone so they can easily be accessed or checked.

The Good

Cute Memo does its main use, which is to save notes. It’s easy to use because it has basic interface. The backgrounds and stickers are cute and they make taking notes even more fun. The app also comes with added features like setting an alarm and adding the notes to the home screen for convenient access.

The Bad

There is only one minor drawback that we’ve seen with this app although it is really not a deal breaker. The stickers cannot be resized, but as mentioned, it is really not a big thing. Also, since most of the designs are girly, this may not appeal much to men.

The Verdict

This app will appeal to users who are looking for a note app that is cute and fun. It’s recommended that you download this app since it works well for what it’s designed for and it’s easy to use.

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