Cute Pet Pululu Review

On October 7, 2019

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Ahoy there me mateys! Here’s yer friendly buccaneer excited to share with ye another app review. Ever since I was a little lad, pets had a special place in me heart. I’ve had some pets before I even had me parrot pet. I had dogs and cats at home and I used to play with them a lot. Since we are talking about pets right now, this old salt decided to make a review about a virtual pet. The app’s name is called Cute Pet Pululu by Batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

Modernized classic game

Cute Pet Pululu Review

This app was inspired by the classic virtual pet game called Tamagotchi. However, instead of having a small handheld gadget, this one is played using the mobile phone. Moreover, the classic game also had black and white pixel graphics, while this one has more colorful and eye-candy graphics. However, in both games, you will start with an egg to hatch and you need to take care of it so it will not die. It’s like taking care of a real pet as it also has its needs that you need to provide like food and your care.

It has cute graphics

Cute Pet Pululu App

The graphics of the game is an A plus! The virtual pet Pululu is adorable so it’s not difficult to love it. Even the background including the inside of the pet house and the garden are all cute looking. You can also decorate them to make them prettier. There are different things that you can purchase for your pet, as well as foods that are also eye-catching.

There are mini games to keep you entertained

Your pet only needs to eat, bathe and play at certain period so you can keep it happy. In between those waiting times, there is still something to do in the app because there are various mini games that you can play. It’s a great addition because not only these games are fun and they will keep you entertained and occupied, but you can also earn coins from them. You can then use these coins to buy things for your pet.

The virtual pet evolves

It’s interesting and fun to see how your pet will evolve from an egg to a full-grown creature. You will also feel invested in the game because it is like caring for a real pet. Failure to take care of it properly may result to its death and you will require a lot of coins to revive it.

Thumbs up

The app is free and it contains pretty graphics that will charm you. You can decorate the rooms and there are mini games to play and earn coins from. You will see the character evolve like a real pet.

Thumbs down

The game doesn’t properly work on all screen sizes. There are instances that you cannot see the entire thing properly when in full screen on certain devices.

The verdict

If you are looking for a virtual pet game, Cute Pet Pululu is highly recommended. You will fall in love with its gorgeous graphics and it will give you continuous playing time since the pet evolves and there are also various mini games to play.

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