Devildark Review

On September 26, 2012

Shivers me timbers! Me thinks we pirates are the creatures of the sea. The dark clouds that loot and steal away your booty. This aging sea captain has long believed that we are the monsters in the children’s nightmare. I thought wrong mateys! There are far more scary ghouls and monsters out there. These are the monsters in our nightmares. Would you believe the mighty crew of the good ole Jolly Rogers get nightmares even though we are brave pirates? But alas such is the case. Besides these monsters make us look dashing and good looking. But to fight them monsters there is a knight out there that can help. He is in the game DevilDark. We play the game to learn how to fight them monsters. Here is our review for the mobile game app Devildark.

The Dark is a Scary Place

Blimey can a pirate believe that there are better stories than his? Poor lads, that was case then. We pirates tell the best stories across the high seas. But the mobile game app Devildark has a good story. Perhaps a story worthy for a pirate. Alas, this is a story of a knight. But before I jump into things, here is how the every thing started. The king of the land has grown old. And in his times as the monarch, the lord has let his greed take over. And in his discontent, the darkness of evil has been unleashed throughout the farms, the outer reach and the castles. And just like a true hero’s story, the player is destined to blast away the evil. Now mateys, is not that a great story. It brought a tear to me firstmate’s eyes when I told him that. Anyway, there is an emotional investment that comes into play. And the feeling of you are able to save others makes the game very interesting for any player. This is your destiny. You were born to play this game.

Play the Knight in the Dark

The game play of this one is highly addictive. The mission is quite simple. Go out and hack any monsters that stand in your way. And how do you hack the best way? Go to the setting window and arm the knight with the best armor and weaponry to beat the hell out of the dark beings. You can even create you weapon! One can say that Devildark falls under the traditional hack and slash role-playing game category. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. A touch and hack in the mobile game app is a sure win for any player out there.

Devastating Skills

In the game, the knight might be overwhelmed by the evil monsters of the dark. But worry not me lad, you are gifted with skills the will drop them dead with one fell swoop. One good example of a killer skill is the whirling sword attack. It is both amazing to look at and very effective in slaying beasts. The game is a true blue hack and slash type of game. You must keep playing to gain enough experience to unlock weapon skills to destroy evil beasts. It might be tough to get the skills, but these moves are very useful. Take for example, the quick slash that drops monsters to the grounds. Just keep playing and you will become a very strong knight, eventually.

Toss with the Boss

The dark monsters can be tough to beat. But they did not stop there. To push the challenge even further they made the boss tougher. The master of the beasts has a high hit point count and, in their own way, they are great fighters.

This game is a great addition to any mobile game app collection. Download it now.

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