Diggy’s Adventure Review

On January 20, 2018

Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again yer favorite app pirate ready to give ye another app review. Me and the crew are about to embark at another booty hunting adventure, but ‘afore that I won’t forget to write another review that I know ye lads and lasses are waiting for. Speaking of adventure, the app that we will talk about falls under this category. Avast ye as we will now start with the review of Diggy’s Adventure by Pixel Federation.

It’s Fast Paced

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Diggy’s Adventure is a free to play game that is fast in pace. At the first stage, it may not seem a bit slow since you haven’t unlocked characters to talk to or items to use, but as you progress, you will find yourself in action. This makes it a good time waster as you would not realize that time is passing by as you play.

Several Levels to Unlock

Although it’s fast paced, there are several levels to unlock and according to its page, it is continuously being updated so more levels will be added in the future. This means long playing time so if you get hooked to playing the game, you can look forward to additional levels.

Diggy's Adventure App

Cute Graphics

The graphics has adorable graphics. It is set in Egypt so majority of its color is yellow-gold. There are also various characters and items to see, and the levels have different settings so there’s always something new to see.

Energy Replenishes Fast

This game uses energy, which you need to keep on playing. It replenishes quicker than most games, which typically requires you to wait for a long time. However, in the higher levels, you may need to wait a bit longer because they will also require you to use more energy. You can use the gems to get more energy, but if you run out of gems, another option is to use in-app purchases using real money, although it will use real cash. There are also advertisements that you can watch that will earn you energy.

The Ups

Diggy’s Adventure is free to download and play. While it comes with in-app purchases, it’s your own decision whether you purchase them or not. It also has cute graphics and it replenishes energy fast. It’s a fast paced game with several levels giving you long playing hours.

The Downs

While the energy is quick to replenish in the first levels, this gets slower in the latter part of the game so you will find yourself waiting before you can continue, unless you use gem or make an in-app purchase.

The Verdict

Diggy’s Adventure has a few drawbacks but it has more advantages making it a good alternative for those who are looking for adventure games. It’s free to download, it has cute graphics, it’s fast paced, and it has several levels.

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