Dino in City-Dinosaur N Police Review

On April 10, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is back from another amazing adventure in the seven seas. We went down to Davey Jones’ locker and got out from it alive! Aye, me skills as a pirate is really unmatched. Me parrot pet and the entire crew can bet on that! Ye may not know it me lads and lasses, but this buccaneer also has skills in driving cars! Since I’m always in the ship, I practice me driving on apps like this one that I have up for a review. ‘Tis called Dino in City-Dinosaur N Police from Jail Wall Break Games. Avast ye as we’ll now begin with the review.

Decent Graphics

Dino in City-Dinosaur N Police Review

Graphicwise, the developers of this game did a decent work. It’s not something that will make your jaw drop for its awesomeness, but it’s also not too bad. The environment has several buildings although they have the same look and color. Aside from these buildings, the various vehicles that you can find around and drive, the paved road, and the dinosaurs roaming around, there’s really not much to see in the game world.

You Just Keep Leveling Up

Dino in City-Dinosaur N Police App

For some reason, no matter what you do you move to the next level. The next levels are just the same as the previous ones, so even if you reach higher levels, there’s not much to look forward to or a variation that will keep it more interesting and exciting. This is a game that may attract those who are into car driving games and dinosaurs, as these are most of what you’ll see in the game.

It Doesn’t Have Clear Goals

You can maneuver the vehicles and even hop from one type of vehicle to another. However, there’s no clear goal on what you need to do. You just drive around and even if you hit vehicles or dinosaurs, nothing will happen to you. You can even walk by a dinosaur or bump into them and nothing will happen to you. It’s like there are just wandering around the city and you cannot get hurt by them.

It’s an Open World Type of Game

If you are familiar with open world games like Vice City and Minecraft, this is somewhat like them in some areas. You can explore and roam around the game world as much as you want. As mentioned, you can also move from one vehicle to another and drive it around. Plus, you can also walk by foot.

The Ups

This free game has decent graphics and it’s easy to learn how to use the controls. You can move from one vehicle to another and drive around the game world, or walk around it.

The Downs

It pops up with several advertisements, and there’s no clear goal on what you need to achieve in the game.

The Verdict

If you are looking for something that you can do on your down time, this casual game can keep you occupied, especially if you are into driving games. You may want to give Dino in City-Dinosaur N Police a try.

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