Don’t Screw Up! Review

On January 15, 2017

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Ahoy there me mateys! We just had a booty hunting adventure and got back at the Jolly Roger. The crew has started to drink rum and be merry, but ‘afore I do that, ‘acourse this old salt wouldn’t forget your dose of app review straight from the sea. I won’t be able to write this review properly if I get drank so let me do this now. Har, har, har! So without further ado, let’s begin with the review of this app called Don’t Screw Up! by Shadow Masters.

Basic Interface

Don't Screw Up! Review

This app has a very basic app interface. It’s generally made up of the black texts that you read, the green line that acts as a timer, and a black background. Upon opening the app, you’ll get a welcome “insult” and an instruction asking you tap to start. While what was important is that you can read the texts properly as they instruct you on what to do, additional graphics and colors could have make it better. These would make the game look better and this is a big thing in having a positive gaming experience.

Funny Insults

Don't Screw Up! App

Each time you miss an instruction, you will get an insult in the end. However, they are not that offensive so they wouldn’t really hurt your feelings. In fact, you would just laugh at them, instead of feeling bad about yourself.

Simple But Challenging

The game interface is not the only thing basic, but the gameplay to. If you know the game Simon Says, it’s that game but you only do it on your mobile device instead of performing an action in person. You’ll be asked to perform different simple tasks like tap, double tap, swipe, and wait. Make sure you follow within the time limit, which is only a few seconds to reach higher score. This will enhance your ability to immediately respond to quick instructions.

Repetitive with Annoying Ads

The tasks can be repetitive, which would generally require you to tap one or a few times, swipe, or wait. There are also advertisements that can be annoying at times, especially if you want to continue playing right away.

Thumbs Up

One of the good things about Don’t Screw Up! is that it’s a game that you can easily learn how to play and at the same time gives you that kind of challenge, that makes you want to play more. It’s free so you don’t have to pay anything to try it.

Thumbs Down

The tasks are only few so they can be repetitive. The interface is too basic with its white background and black text. It wouldn’t hurt to add graphics and colors to make it pop. There are also advertisements, which is typical on free apps. However, they can still be frustrating at times, especially if you are excited to continue playing.

The Verdict

Don’t Screw Up! has its ups and downs. While the tasks can be repetitive and it comes with advertisements, it’s free, simple to learn, but at the same time challenging. We recommend that you get this app on your device as it will keep you happy and occupied.

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