Duolingo Review

On April 7, 2014

Ahoy me scallywag friends. Your friendly app pirate is back for another app review that me wanna share to ye lads. Aside from English and pirate lingo, this old buccaneer also wants to learn a new language. Aye, me and my crew also study sometimes. I found this app called Duolingo. I want to share this to ye lads and lasses, especially if you are also interested in learning a new language.

Learn a Second Language for Free

Duolingo is a free application that you can download and install on your mobile device. It supports iOS and Android phones and it comes with six languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish. Choose which language you wish to learn and the app will teach you step by step, from the basic to the more advanced lessons.

Duolingo Review

The reason why this application is offered for free without advertisements and hidden fees is because the translations made from the lessons are used for translation jobs from clients that then pay a specific amount to Duolingo. This is a win win situation for both users and the developers of the app. The users learn a new language without spending anything, while Duolingo earn from their translations.

Learning is More Fun

Duolingo is divided into different parts to guide you in your learning. You will not be able to go to the next part unless you complete the previous one. This is a good thing as this lets you follow a structured learning. You must learn the basics first before moving to the higher level.

Unlike other applications and study materials, learning is more fun as tests are given in the form of games. There are different types of games to play, making it more exciting. For instance, you may be asked to translate a sentence by selecting the correct answer from the jumbled words, translate the given sentence on your own and write the sentence from the audio played.

How it goes and How it Looks

You are given three hearts, which serve as your lives. Every mistake will cost you a heart. If all hearts are used, you must restart that section again. This gives you more motivation to do better in order to complete each stage. Moreover, you level up as you complete parts of the lessons. You may compare your score with other friends who are also playing the game and see who’s better.

Duolingo App

The graphics are simple but clear with the whole interface being organized and clean. Think of Skype and Twitter; Duolingo would remind you of these applications’ interface when you use it. The audio is also clear so you wouldn’t have problems listening to the sentences that are read to you. Some of the tests that come with audio also have the option to slow it down for you to better understand.

The Verdict

Duolingo is educational and free, which I think makes it one of the must have apps on your device. It’s fun since tests are given in game format. Furthermore, you can use it on your free time to progress with your learning. Hoist the anchor lads, we’re off to sea!


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