Expense Manager Review

On November 11, 2019

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me hearties, yer friendly app pirate is back from another fantastic adventure down at the bottom of the ocean. We had another dive at Dave Jones’s locker and the buckos and I had a great fun. It was heart pounding but we are proud that we made it alive, again! Har, har, har! ‘Afore going to bed and snoozing me self off, this buccaneer will not forgot yer regular dose of app review. For this day, I will share with ye this app from Magnetic Lab called Expense Manager.

Straightforward interface

Expense Manager Review

The interface of the app is straightforward. The options will tell you right away what they are for. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you will not have a hard time familiarizing yourself with its use because it’s simple and easy to learn. It’s intuitive so with a little exploration, you will know all its features in no time even without any tutorial.

It’s free and it works as designed

Expense Manager App

The app can be downloaded and used for free. However, be prepared to see some pop-up advertisements. Depending on your patience with ads, it could be something that you can take, especially it’s free, or you can also end up being annoyed. Although there are ads, the app works exactly as designed, which is to let you conveniently track your income and expenses.

Offers customization

There are various categories for the expenses where you can your entries, which also allow you to make further notes. If you can’t see a category that you need on the original list, you can add or edit them to fit your requirements. You can also customize the currency, time format, date format and payment method.

Comes with backup feature

Expense Manager offers a feature that you will find helpful, which is the backup feature. There is always the risk of losing data. With its backup and restore feature, you can get back data that may go missing for some reason. The reports can also be saved to PDF or Excel for further assessment.

The good

The app is free for everyone to use. While it offers in-app purchase, you will not feel forced to make one. You can conveniently use the app without spending anything. The interface is also intuitive. You will immediately know how to use it even if you are not tech-savvy. It allows you to customize different things including the categories and currencies. It also comes with backup and restore feature.

The bad

There are pop-up advertisements that show up every now and then. The graphics is also not the most attractive so it can do better on this part just so it will look more presentable.

The verdict Expense Manager is recommended if you are looking for a simple and free app to easily track your income and expenses. It does its job and it also offers customization. There are a few drawbacks, but it’s generally a reliable app that works as designed.

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