Find Stuff Review

On August 10, 2017

Ye see me hearties, when I was a little lad, me room was messy. Well, even now that I’m a grown-up pirate, me cabin is still a mess! Har, har, har! ‘Tis why me love playing find the object types of games ‘acause I’m used to finding things in a messy place. This is the kind of app that this buccaneer will share with ye me lads and lasses. The app is called Find Stuff by Webcore Games. Batten down the hatches and let’s start with the app review.

Cute Objects But Others Are Difficult to Determine

Find Stuff App

The objects on this game are doodle like so they are more of like the kids’ stuff. They will remind you of the things that you would often see printed on the books of kindergarten or elementary students. The colors are vibrant and they are cute in general. However, there are items that are difficult to determine so it could be a challenge if they are on the list of things that need to be found.

Basic Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty basic. If you have played finding object games before, this works the same way as they are. You will be given objects to find so you have to find them on the game window and tap them for you to gain points. There’s a time limit, which makes the game more exciting. However, there are no levels that could have made it better as you will feel that you are progressing in the game.

Various Modes to Play

Find Stuff Game

What’s good about this game is that there are different modes to play and difficulty levels. Depending on your skills, you can choose which level would work best for you. It also has a two-player mode, which makes it more fun. One player would be on one end of the smartphone and the other one would be on the other end. This is exciting as you are competing with another person to find more objects than him.

The Good

This game is free to download so you won’t have to spend anything to get it. It’s easy to play and it has cute graphics. There are different difficulty levels to choose from, which will match the skills of the player. It also comes with two-player model, which is enjoyable as you will be competing with another person who is really with you.

The Bad

One drawback of the game is that some of the objects are not clear so it can be difficult to determine what they are. There are also no levels that would make you determine your progress.

The Verdict

Despite of a couple of drawbacks, it is still recommended that you give Find Stuff a try, especially if you are into finding object types of games. There are easy, moderate, and difficult levels that will match your playing skills. There’s also two-players mode, which makes it more fun and interesting as you can play and compete against a friend or family member.

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