Gardenscapes Review

On August 17, 2017

Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again yer favorite app pirate ready for another app review that I want to share with ye mateys. ‘Afore I started booty hunting with the crew, I used to stay at me mama’s house and the best part was the garden. That’s where me first found me parrot pet. It was in the garden and it didn’t want to leave so I made it a pet. The app that I will share in this review has something to do with garden too. Avast ye as I tell ye more about Gardenscapes by Playrix Games.

Spectacular Graphics and Great Animation

Gardenscapes App

The graphics of the game is amazing. The garden where the game is set is huge and there are various areas that has different themes. From the plants to the decors like the fountains and statues, they are all eye-catching and it’s amazing how every detail adds to the extravagance of the garden. The characters move and so as the other objects like the fountain. They move smoothly, which is another good area of the game.

Various Game Features

Gardenscapes is a casual game that comes with varying game features. The variety of games that you can play within the game makes it different. For instance, there are various missions that you need to complete, and some of them take time to finish, although the process can speed up using premium currency. It also comes with several match 3 games that will lead you to other adventures in the garden.

Plenty of Playing Time

Gardenscapes Game

There are several areas in the garden to unlock, as well as several missions and match 3 games to complete. This means that you can play this game whenever you want to. Since this game is continuously being updates, more adventures and areas are added giving players additional playing time. The app is free to download, although it comes with advertisements.

Thumbs Up

Gardenscapes is free to download so you can get it without spending anything. There are in-app purchases but they are not forced so you can continue playing the game without making any purchase. There various game types within the game, which gives it a twist. There’s plenty of playing time and you can play it anytime you want.

Thumbs Down

There are processes that take time to complete so if you are not patient and you cannot wait to unlock the other levels, you could get tempted to make an in-app purchase. This may not be a problem if you are not tempted in using premium currencies. However, you may still find the other processes too long to complete.

The Verdict

Gardenscapes is a casual game that has great graphics and animation. It has lots of contents that will keep you playing for a long time. Some processes may take time to complete and may tempt some players to make in-app purchases to speed them up, nevertheless, it still can be played without spending anything, but with just a little patience.

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