Genies & Gems Review

On November 22, 2017

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Genies & Gems Review

Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s yer favorite app pirate ready for another app review straight from the seven seas. The crew and I are about to sail again, but ‘afore that, I will be sharing with ye a review of the match 3 games called Genies and Gems by Jam City, Inc. Batten down the hatches as we start with the review.

It’s Familiar and Easy to Learn

Genies & Gems Review

This match 3 puzzle game will be familiar for those who have played this game genre before. It generally has the basic gameplay, which is to match the same color of objects, in this case, same color of gems, so that they will be removed from the game board. There’s a specific goal on each level, which you need to achieve in order to move to the next level. Like other similar puzzle games, moves and lives are also limited. Even if you haven’t tried playing match 3 games before and this is your first time trying one, it’s something that is easy to learn so you’ll be familiar with the game in no time. However, this doesn’t mean that every level will be easy to complete, because it can be challenging too, especially with limited moves.

It Has Amazing Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics of the game deserves two thumbs up. From the genie character and its fox friend, to the colorful gems, and adorable background on the game map, which will remind you of the kingdoms in the Middle East, these graphics are all an eye-candy. The sound effects are also fantastic as they make the game more fun.

It Has a Twist

Genies & Gems App

Genies and Gems may have the same basic gameplay as other match 3 games but it also has a twist that gives it a different touch. The main characters which are the genie and the fox are some of the obvious differences. Instead of just the gems being removed from the game board, the fox jumps on the boxes where the gems are placed until it reaches the crown.

The Good

Genies and Gems is free to download so you can try it without risking on spending your money and ending up not liking the game. If you like match 3 games, there is a high chance that you will like it because it has the same gameplay although it also comes with a twist. The game has adorable graphics, which is an eye candy. The sound effects add excitement and life to the game.

The Bad

This game also has advertisements, so you expect to see them along the way. For those who are looking for something that’s entirely different in this game genre, you may not see that although it has a bit of a twist.

The Verdict

Genies and Gems has a little twist compared to the other match 3 games, although the general gameplay is also the same. It also has advertisements, but it’s free to play and it has amazing graphics. If you are really into match 3 games, then this one is recommended for you.

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