Gods of Rome Review

On July 11, 2016

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Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again yer friendly app pirate back from another swashbuckling adventure from the seven seas. Aside from Dave Jones, another name that pirates are afraid in the seas is Poseidon. Aye, this old salt and me crew had seen his wrath when he gets mad. Those big waves would make even the bravest pirate trembling in fear, even me parrot friend can attest to that. Speaking of Poseidon, I found this new game called Gods of Rome. Well, he’s brother, Zeus is in this app. This action app is from Gameloft and this bucko would tell ye more about it in this review. Avast ye and let’s begin.

Epic Graphics!

Gods of Rome App

Gods of Rome was made by Gameloft and like its other apps known for their rich graphics like Dungeon Hunter and Despicable Me, this one didn’t disappoint. From the time that it tells you the backstory to the moment that you play on the different levels and worlds, your eyes would feast with the gorgeous images. Considering that this was designed to be played on mobile, it’s really one of the top apps when it comes to the graphic scene. The background settings vary so you wouldn’t feel easily bored. There are also several characters to choose from, especially with the update that has been released. These characters look fantastic and they also have different looks that make the game more exciting.

Smooth Animation

As long as you have enough memory on your device and you have good Internet connectivity, you wouldn’t have problems with it. However, those who have low system resources and have problems with their connectivity may also experience issues with the game. It’s nice to see how the characters move, especially when fighting, as if they were real. The special effects are also great.

Content Rich

Gods of Rome Game

This free to play game from Gameloft is feature rich. As mentioned, there are various levels, worlds and characters to unlock. There are also different game modes including the story mode, PVP and special events. However, these worlds, modes and characters can only be unlocked when you reach certain levels in the game. This makes it something that you could see playing for an extended period since there’s so much to unlock and explore. However, it required energy to keep you playing and when you run out, you need to wait for some time before you could play again, which could slow down the progress, unless you’re willing to make an in-app purchase.

The Ups

The game is free to play so it doesn’t require you to pay anything, unless you make an in-app purchase, which is completely optional. Gods of Rome’s graphics and animation are top notch, especially compared to other mobile games. There are also several characters, modes and worlds to unlock making it content rich.

The Downs

It requires Internet connection so you wouldn’t be played if you’re not connected. The size is also bigger than usual mobile games at more than 1GB with the recent updates. This may cause freezing or slowness on other phones.

The Verdict

If you have enough space and good Internet connection, Gods of Rome is highly recommended because it’s a fantastic game with its gorgeous graphics, rich content, and smooth animation.

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