Gravity Guy Review

On November 5, 2012

Avast! And listen to me short tale me hearties, for I have another one set aside for ye. In the distant future, far from the stirring oceans and the salty sands, there will be tall cities and dark taverns. Whispers will be shared and in quiet tones, they shall talk of resisting the binds of the earth. Aye, that be true, for in this review we be lookin’ closely at Gravity Guy, and his attempt to liberate his massive city from the chains of gravity. While he may not fly like the albatross, he does use his power in more than a few entertaining ways.

Gravity Guy and the Stunning City

I am not what ye would call a learned pirate. Though I can teach ye of the world and the kinship that all pirates share, I cannot tell ye of the cities that sprawl many miles with bright lights and dangerous paths. This game shines in that respect, however, for it is a pretty sight to behold. The art design may not be as epic as many other titles, but it is gorgeous in detail and color. All levels feel as if they are 3 dimensional, and that is saying a lot considering it is a side scrolling twitch game. All things considered though, the game does impress in speedy animation, and the levels are so well planned that playing the game almost becomes a practice in how well you can think on yer feet. There is also a lot of variety in the levels. From deep reds and light grays, to sci-fi blues, you will see a lot of colors in this game which makes all the difference when other titles seem only to concentrate on brown and gritty coloring.

How do you Play Gravity Guy?

One cannot expect that all games are unique in everything aye. For every new mechanic that comes out, there be many games that try to make that mechanic their own. It is only in this game though that I felt as if it had invented side scrolling runners. If ye be an old player of games, then a familiar comparison is Sonic, or even Canabalt. This is where similarities end, however, as Gravity Guy does strive to add something new. As you run, you cannot defend yourself from the many scurvy dogs that chase after ye. As was said earlier, in this game you can resist gravity so the only way ye can escape their tethers is to platform quickly and intelligently by tappin’ the screen to flip gravity. There also be jetpacks which ye can use to fly through other obstacles, if ye find it that is.

Each level is around ten seconds long, a momentary thing indeed but in context in how huge the main map is, it will keep you entertained for a long time. In addition to that, levels are also uniquely designed with each presenting you with new challenges as ye move along in high speeds. All these come together to make an exhilarating game, and thar be more than one time that I found meself gasping at each nearly missed platform. However, there be nothing to collect or plunder in the game, so I felt a little unsatisfied that me hunger for treasure was not satiated. That is until I found that I could play with four of me crew-mates on each level, pitting our wits and reflexes against each other in a bid to be the best on the leader board.

The Verdict

Aye this be a good game, but during the first few levels, I found myself frustrated. The difficulty in this game can ramp up quite viciously, and at some point I ordered me crew to make me smart phone walk the plank. Beyond that, if ye enjoy a challenge, and ye don’t end up throwing your mobile device overboard, then ye should pick up this title and play. If ye get frustrated too quickly, then you might want to give this game only a try. If ye’d excuse me then, me hearties, I need to find the nearest port to replace my smart phone.

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