Greedy Rabbit Review

On July 20, 2017

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. Me and the crew are about to go booty hunting in an hour. But ‘afore that, ‘acourse me won’t forget to give ye lads and lasses another dose of app review that me found from the seven seas. Me app review stars another animal again. Ye know buckos how this old salt has soft spot on animals. But ‘acourse me favorite is still be parrot pet! Batten the hatches me hearties as we begin with the review of the app called Greedy Rabbit by Sharkywalls.

Adorable Graphics

Greedy Rabbit Review

The graphics are cute, especially the different types of rabbits that you can unlock, purchase, and use. Although the background looks similar, they have different colors so you will still feel that something is new. The interface is clean and the colors work well together, making it good in the eyes.

Various Game Elements in Different Levels

Greedy Rabbit App

Aside from the different colors of the background, another thing that prevents the game from being boring are the various elements that show up in every level. The basic gameplay is just the same, which is to get the key to move to the next level while avoiding obstacles and collecting various items. There are different obstacles that6 appear on higher levels, which make the game challenging and doesn’t easily go old.

Limited Levels

While there are currently 150 levels to complete, since it’s very enjoyable, you will probably find it difficult to put down your phone. You would want to finish one level, and another until you realize that you have finished all levels. After that, it’s all done, although you can go back to the other levels you played to get three stars on each. More levels are needed so players can continue with the fun.

Controls Need Improvement

One of the downsides of this game are the controls. There are times that it is difficult to move the character from left to right, causing the game to end. If this would be improved to make the controls more accurate, the game will be much more fun to play.

The Ups

The graphics of the game, especially the characters are eye catching and charming. There are various rabbits to unlock. The game is fun and has the right level of challenge. It will keep you wanting to play more without being too annoyed that the levels are impossible to complete because they are not. Different elements in each level gives something fresh to the game, preventing from getting boring fast.

The Downs

The controls need to improvement as they can do not respond precisely at times. The levels can also be completed quickly so you may end up finishing the game and wanting more.

The Verdict

Aside from the improvement that it needs on its controls and the added the levels that would have make the game better, Greedy Rabbit is generally an enjoyable game to play. It has the right level of challenge so it’s recommended that you give it a try.

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