Guava Juice: Tub Tapper Review

On June 16, 2018

Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me mateys! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate ready for another app review to share with ye. Today is a free day for us so this old salt is not really in a hurry to do anything. Oh yeah, just when I thought there was nothing to do, me parrot pet is flying around non-stop, which means it wants to play with me! Avast ye and let’s begin with the app review ‘acause this bird wouldn’t leave me alone until we played.

It’s Instantly Familiar to YouTube Viewers

Guava Juice Tub Tapper Review

Guava Juice is a popular YouTuber, who is Roi Fabito in real life. He was also known as Roi Wassabi from another YouTube channel called Wassabi Productions. Those who are fans of his YouTube channel or videos will feel an instant connection with this app because the main character in it is Guava Juice himself. There is a dialogue between the character and the player in the app, although they already came with the game, so it’s not like there is a real interaction. There are also other objects in the game that will remind you of the videos that he posted like the dog, which also appeared on the said videos.

Excellent Graphics

Guava Juice Tub Tapper App

Two thumbs up for the graphics of the game! The developers did an exceptional job in creating the graphics because it’s clean and detailed. It starts with the player standing on the big soap that you need to tap in order to create bubbles, which in turn will help unlock different kinds of bathtubs. There is nothing but black squares or floors on the background at start, until you collect the right number of bubbles to unlock the first bathtub. More objects will be seen around as you unlock more bathtubs, although they are mostly for display only and there’s really nothing you can do with them.

It’s Simple But Fun

This app is free to play and the basic gameplay is very simple. It just requires tapping to unlock more bathtubs and costumes. This may not sound much, but it gets fun when you see the bathtubs that you unlock. It’s something that can keep you occupied, especially at times when there’s nothing to do or you are waiting for something and you need to kill time. However, video advertisements just pop-up out of nowhere and you need to wait for them to stop playing before you can close them.

The Good

This app is familiar to those who watch Guava Juice in YouTube. It’s free to download, simple to play, and a good time waster.

The Bad

There’s really not much challenge or variation in the game as it only requires tapping to unlock bathtubs and costumes. Advertisements just pop-up out of nowhere. You can add up hurting your finger because of continuous tapping.

The Verdict

Guava Juice is a simple app that you can download and playing if you are looking for something free and fun to keep you occupied or to kill time. It may not have much challenge and it has advertisements, but it’s good enough to kill boredom.

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