Hambo Review

On December 7, 2012

Winds be true and storms be still, the only blessing we pirates have is that those two fall in line when we travel from place to place. O’ course, the blessing’ of good food be another prayer we chant at night because thar be too few places we dock at, and often we run outta supplies before we even make landfall once more. Me and me hearties are particular about our foods, and only favorites get stored in the brig for our consumption. One favored meal is the pig because almost all parts of it are edible as we learned from our exploits in the southern Americas. This is why when I pick up Hambo, I fear that the next pig we choose would be our demise.


Why we fear the Pork Hero Hambo

Me and me crew have never been the movie going’ sort, but when we do choose to watch an enchanted portrait it has be a movie we’d all enjoy. First Blood is one o’ my personal favorites, and so too with most o’ me men. When Hambo came out, I thought it be yet another physics puzzler/shooter, but it became more evident as we played that it was actually a story that centered around revenge. Much like First Blood, the Porky hero must  take revenge that made him what he was, then denied him what they promised. Aye, it be a simple tale, but looking at pork chops now almost makes me tremble with fear.

How you Play as Hambo

Hambo, being’ a war scarred veteran, is very proficient with all manners of flintlock pistols, muskets, and blunderbusses. The fact that his arsenal can rival even the best cannons on me ship should show how evident his prowess is. In this game, ye are tasked to use that arsenal in fighting the faceless enemy that seeks Hambo’s incarceration. Each level be comprised of different designs, and most enemies are hidden away behind so many obstacles. They prevent ye from hitting them, so ye must use creativity to get the last laugh here. Most ‘o yer weapons are designed to ricochet, so the strategy employed here is to think of all the angles available to ye. If thar be a wall between you and yer pray, then ye have to use the ceiling and the same though carries all throughout the game.

At the same time, Hambo’s arsenal may be tailor made to suit certain situations better than others do. The amazing “uzi” be a weapon that is used more for crowd control and the pistols be aimed at making trickier shots that require precision of ye. Be warned though, if ye shoot wrong, and Hambo be the target of his own bullet, then you basically destroy yerself in the attempt to slay yer enemy. That means even more thinking’ is require ‘o ye, just to make the proper shot.

On the part of graphics, the game be more centered on adorable animations. The levels are a bit underwhelming, but the hit animations and shooting really sparkle in this game, making it nice to act rather than to stay still.

Pick it up if ye want porky revenge

Hambo is a fun title and it will undoubtedly make ye want to keep playin’ it for a while. The challenge ramps up just enough so that ye are always kept on yer toes, and the trick shots really do make the difference. The premise is preposterous, but then again, most app games have little in the way ‘o story telling; anyway. So if ye want to waste a few minutes ‘o yer life playing a fairly well designed shooter, then this game is one piggy that won’t go to market, and instead will make you destroy the evil “man” that tries to put you down.

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