Hangman Review

On July 30, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is here again ready to share with ye another fantastic app review straight from the seven seas. The entire crew had a great day booty hunting. We took home loads of treasures, so as ye expect, we drank rum all night long. But don’t worry, this bucko is all sober now so here I am sharing the review of this app called Hangman by Fun.Lab. Batten down the hatches as we begin the review.

Adorable Graphics

Hangman Review

The graphics in the game look like the typical kids drawings that you usually see using pencil, crayons, and paper. It’s classic and old school, but this is what gives it the charm. Every puzzle has a hanging man with the rope around his neck. The man will be completely hanged if you failed to answer the puzzle. Below the said image are lines where the correct letters of the word that that needs to be found are shown.

Lots of Playing Time

There are various categories to choose from and thousands of puzzles to complete. If you are into word games, you will have fun playing this, especially if you have lots of free time. This is a casual game that you can play for a long time since it offers long playing hours.

Hangman App

No Clue on the Puzzles

Hangman will remind you of the classic computer game Hangaroo. Instead of the kangaroo being hanged, it’s a man that is hanged if you failed to complete the puzzle. Moreover, this app doesn’t have any clue. This is a drawback as it’s more of guessing the correct letters, although the category is chosen. It would have been better if there are clues regarding the word that needs to be found so that you don’t just randomly select the letters when you start answering a puzzle.

The Good

Hangman is nostalgic as it reminds of the classic game that is somewhat similar, which is Hangaroo. It has simple but adorable graphics. There are various categories to choose from so you can select which one you are most interested in. There are also thousands of puzzles to complete giving you long hours of playing time.

The Bad

There are no clues on about the word that needs to be answered on each puzzle. It would be better if there are clues so you will have a better idea on what the answer is about. Leaving one category and moving to another one will also not save your score on the previous category.

The Verdict

If you are into word games, Hangman is a good option. It comes with areas for improvements, such as clues for each puzzle and saving the score or progress for each category, but nevertheless it’s a nice game to try. It can be downloaded for free and it also comes with thousands of puzzles to complete. This gives you long playing time, which is perfect if you are feeling bored or there is not much to do.

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