Happy Diner Story: Cooking Review

On February 20, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses, here’s yer favorite app pirate, ready to share another app review. It’s not always booty hunting for us buckos, we also know how to have fun in a different way. As ye already know, we love food! So, we always visit a popular diner or restaurant whenever we visit a new place when we are on land. Recently, we went to this restaurant that had the most amazing menu. Plus, kudos to their service because they were fast and polite. We enjoyed our time there, and we’re definitely going back should we stop by the area in the future. For now, let’s start the app review of Happy Diner Story: Cooking by Kings Fortune Pte. Ltd. 

It gives you a real feel of managing a restaurant

Happy Diner Story Review

This simulation game is not your ordinary restaurant management game where you just serve the customers and get their payment afterwards. It has more to it and it feels closer to managing a restaurant in real life. It still has that same basic gameplay mentioned, but you also clean up after the customer is done eating, and you also serve them something else after serving the main order. Also, you can upgrade everything that you see, and also hire more staff to keep the restaurant growing. Moreover, you can decorate the restaurant and improve its look. 

It’s free but upgrades are costly on higher levels

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It’s a free game but there are in-app purchases. Although you are not required to make an in-app purchase, it feels like you are forced to do so on higher levels. It’s difficult to achieve the goal given the resources that you have from playing without making an in-app purchase. The upgrades are costly, so it takes time to progress when you reach that part. It can get annoying at some point since it’s hard to progress at some point without spending real money for upgrades. 

It’s content rich

As mentioned, there’s so many things that you can do in the restaurant, especially as you keep upgrading and expanding. You can upgrade everything from kitchen equipment to your menu. Moreover, you can also add more staff and upgrade their levels to get maximum benefits from them. You will not get easily bored because of the many things you can explore and do in this game. 

It has top-notch graphics and upbeat music

Considering that it has many elements and the objects you see keep on growing because of the expansions and upgrades, the images do not look too busy. They are spaced properly so they don’t look chaotic, and everything is still presentable even after adding more items. It also makes moving and tapping on items more efficient. 

The good

It’s an excellent restaurant management simulation that gives you the feel of the real thing. It has rich content as you can upgrade everything and expand the restaurant. It has superb graphics and upbeat music. 

The bad

It’s hard to progress at some point because the upgrades are costly. It’s difficult to complete the goals without making an in-app purchase, so it can be annoying when you reach that part. 

The verdict

Happy Diner Story: Cooking is an excellent restaurant management game. It will give you the vibe of running a real restaurant. You get to do everything from serving to expanding the restaurant. It’s free to play and it’s also content rich, so you will be immersed in the experience. 

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