Happy Glass Review

On September 29, 2018

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is back from another adventure around the seven seas. As ye all know, this bucko loves water so much! Me love sailing with me crew and me parrot pet! The vast ocean makes me feel free and it is exciting ‘acause there’s so much adventure that awaits me. The main character in the app that I will share with ye lads and lasses today also loves water as much as I do. The app is called Happy Glass by Lion Studios. Avast ye and let’s begin with the review.

Simple But Cute Drawing

Happy Glass Review

The graphics of the game is pretty simple. It just have an empty glass that looks like it came from a children’s book, some bars and circles, and a gray thing with a down arrow where the water is coming from. There is nothing fancy about the drawing but it really is everything needed on the game, since the main goal is to fill the glass with water. The music of the game is upbeat. It’s thumbs up for this side because it helps make the game livelier.

Easy to Learn But Hard to Master

Happy Glass App

The gameplay is quick to learn, even for those who are beginners on this type of puzzle game. It reminded us of another puzzle game where you have to draw things to get the star in every level. But for this one, you are just required to draw a line that will help draw the water to the glass and fill it. While this may sound very easy, this can be a challenge, especially on the higher levels. It will get you thinking for strategy not just to move to the next level, but to collect three stars.

Has Technical Difficulties and Way Too Many Ads

There are technical difficulties that we experienced as we played the game. There were times that it just automatically closed while in the middle of the game. There were also advertisements that started to show up after level 10 and they were so many. Some of the ads were also inappropriate for kids, which can be a concern for those who let their kids use their phones or apps.

The Ups

Happy Glass is free to play and it’s easy to learn. It has simple graphics and fun background music. It’s also easy to learn, but can also be challenging as it will make you think of ways on how to fill the glass and move to the next level.

The Downs

It has some technical difficulties as it shuts down at some point. There are also lots of advertisements and some of them are not appropriate for kids.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an easy to play but challenging puzzle game to pass your time with, Happy Glass can be a contender. However, you should prepare yourself for some technical difficulties with the app closing at some point and with many advertisements, wherein some of them are not appropriate for kids.

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