Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump Review

On March 10, 2018

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! It’s me again, yer friendly app pirate ready to start a new adventure around the seven seas. Aye, we will be hopping from one island to another, excited to see new treasures to add in our booty collections. Don’t worry ye me hearties, I have an app ready for review ‘afore I leave ye and sail in the good ole’ Jolly Roger. So Avast ye lads and lasses and let’s start the review of the app called Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump by Platonic Games.

Kawaii Graphics

Happy Hop Kawaii Jump Review

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is an endless hopping game that lives up to its name because it really is “kawaii”, which means cute. The graphics of the game deserves five stars. The main characters, which are “miimos” are so charming. There are also several of them that you can unlock, although it takes time to collect them. It’s fantastic how there’s a rainbow-like shadow that follows them when they hop. The background also changes so you will not be bored. The backgrounds are as kawaii as the characters. So all in all, this game is an eye-candy.

Easy to Learn But Challenging

Happy Hop Kawaii Jump App

It’s simple to learn how to play the game because it would only require you to tap left and right for the character to move to the next platform. The challenge here is that there are obstacles like blinking platforms and platforms with sharp objects that will end the game in case you land on them. You also need to collect hearts because this determines your life. If you run out of hearts, the game will also end. So you need to think about that, while making your way up, giving it the challenge. It’s just the right amount of difficulty. It makes the game interesting, yet it’s not impossible to do better.

It’s Casual and a Good Time Waster

This app is a casual game so you can play it whenever you want and put it down anytime. It’s a good time waster as it will keep you occupied as long as you want. It’s an endless hopping game so it’s up to you until when you want to keep on playing.

It Doesn’t Cost Anything But There Are Too Much Advertisements

It’s free to download and play this app. Although there are in-app purchases, they are just for aesthetic purposes, which mean you can continue playing the game without really spending anything. However, one drawback is that the advertisements pop-up too often. While it’s understandable that free games usually have ads, it can still be frustrating if it’s too much.

The Ups

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is a free game that is easy to play and fun. It has adorable graphics and its background changes, preventing it from being bored. It has the right amount of challenge, and it’s casual so you can play anytime, or stop anytime you want.

The Downs

The characters take time to unlock and the advertisements pop up often so it can be frustrating at times as this affects the entire game experience.

The Verdict

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is a fun casual game that it’s free to play. It has great graphics and it’s easy to learn. The advertisements can be frustrating at times, but considering its good sides, it’s still worthy to give it a try.

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