He-Man Review

On April 6, 2013

Awwwww! One of me favorite cartoon heroes in an app! Har, har, har! Aye, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe tis’ called and I be slashing me sword and throwing me axe on Skeletor and his evil gang. I be pretty sure that ye will like this game a lot, especially if you watched the cartoons before.

Chillingo Ltd is the developer of this game, which can be downloaded for $0.99. It is the same company that brought Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. It partnered with Mattel to create this new app as a way of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the popular cartoon show that was released in the 80’s. This will bring nostalgic memories to those who grew up watching it on television every Saturday mornings when they were kids. But even those that were not able to watch it would still enjoy the game, especially youngsters.

The Game Story

The game will start with a story that will tell the background of the mission. Skeletor, which is the main enemy on this game, invited He-Man to play an app that he created. But he didn’t really mean to play with him.

He Man Review

When He-Man arrived, he was captured by Skeletor and stole the key to the Castle of Grayskull to rule the world of Eternia. He-Man must do his best with all his might to stop Skeletor and his evil gang in succeeding with their plan.

The Basics

There are 25 stages to complete on this game covering the different areas around the Grayskull Castle including Snake Mountain, Dungeons, Fright Zone, Crystal Sea, Eternos Palace, Grayskull Walls and Grayskull Interior. Run after Skeletor to get the key of your castle back and stop him from ruling your world. However, this will not be easy as his evil followers will stop you. There will also be boss fights with his powerful monsters like Hordak, Trap Jaw and Beastman. Swipe left and right to move the character. Tap on the right side of the screen to attack. The hearts on top of the screen represents your health.

He Man App

There are hearts that you can collect along the way to replenish your health and stay playing the game for a longer time. Gems are also collected at the end of each stage, which can be used for upgrades. However, since they accumulate slowly, in-app purchase is also available. But this is completely optional as you can successfully finish all stages without spending extra for the gems.


Upgrades can be purchased on the store. They unlock on various levels, though they can be unlocked early using gems. The overhead combo will improve your hero’s sword attack. The tornado spin will let you spin while holding the sword, damaging enemies around you. The aerial smash will give a powerful punch from the top going down. Thunder punch will take down flying enemies. The axe throw can kill enemies from a distance. Power slice will charge your sword and release a powerful projectile.


The app’s graphics and sounds are fantastic as they were able to capture the feel of the show and made them even better. However, it is not challenging enough as you just have to face the same enemies, except for the boss. But this is good enough to keep kids entertained. And since it brings memories from the past, grown-ups who were fans of the cartoon show may enjoy playing the app.

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