High School Escape 2 Review

On July 20, 2018

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Hope ye fellows are doing great because yer favorite friendly pirate here is doing fantastic! Why? Because the crew found this abandoned ship that was full of treasure! And aye, we got them and took them to the good old Jolly Roger. We also dived down Davy Jones locker, found more treasure, and most importantly, made it out alive! Har, har, har! These buckos are the best when it comes to escaping. This app that we have for review is also about escaping. It’s called High School Escape 2 by Goblin LLC. Are ye ready me hearties? Let’s get it started.

Realistic Graphics

High School Escape App

The developers of this game did a great job with its graphics because it’s realistic. It would not be difficult to imagine that you are actually in the frat house, which is the setting in the game, because it looks real. You would feel that it is really a frat house or a place where young students stay because of the overall vibe of the place. There are books, posters, and musical instruments that are common to the young generations who go to the university. What’s even better is that it’s like you are exploring the house as each level is set in a different area of the place.

Challenging Puzzles

If you are not really experienced in playing escape games like this, it could be very challenging for you. The good thing is that the first level acts as a tutorial to give you a general idea on how it works. On the other hand, those who are into this game genre will be instantly familiar with the gameplay as it works like the classic escape games. There are puzzles that might be easy for you to solve, but there are definitely challenging ones that will keep you searching and thinking.

Limited Levels Available

High School Escape Game

This app is free to download and while you can play some of the levels, only the first 9 are available to play for free as of this moment. You would need to pay using real money in order to unlock the next levels, although there are a few bonus levels that are also available. However, those who are experienced in type of game may solve the puzzles fast and would be left without any unlocked levels unless they decide to pay with real money. Moreover, advertisements show up in the middle of the game.

The Ups

High School Escape 2 is free to download. The first 9 levels are free to play and there are also bonus levels available. It has realistic graphics that would make you feel more into the game. There are also different areas to explore in the frat house.

The Downs

It has advertisements that show up in the middle of the game. There are only free limited levels and you need to pay to unlock the remaining levels.

The Verdict

High School Escape 2 is a challenging game with fantastic graphics. The free levels may only be limited but it’s good enough to keep you occupied.

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