Hot Dog Bush Review

On July 27, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties. Me and the crew just had a quick stop in New York City before heading to this island that we learned had tons of booties. Our info was right as we collected loads of treasures when we went there. Anyway, ‘tis not about that that yer favorite app is here. ‘Acourse as always, this bucko wanted to share an app review with ye again me lads and lasses. See when we went to NYC, the entire crew loved the hotdogs they sold in the street. ‘Tis why I remembered this app called Hot Dog Bush by BigWig Media, which I will share with ye today.

It’s the Classic Game You Loved

Hot Dog Bush Review

You may have heard of the game Hot Dog Bush before. Yes, it’s the same classic arcade and flash game that you may have already played before, but this time, it can now be played in the mobile platform. It has the exact gameplay of the old game, which can be nostalgic to those who have played it before.

Fantastic Graphics

One of the great things that make this game enjoyable and fun to play is the graphics. It is the same hot dog stall, but it is set in different places, including cities in the UK. This is something new from the classic game as the old one was only set in the US. Although the name is Hot Dog Bush, it’s not only hotdogs that are being sold but other items such as pretzels, burgers, and sodas. They are vibrant in color, which make them appealing to the eyes. They may not look like the real thing as they are cartoonlike, but still, they look yummy.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Hot Dog Bush App

Even if you have not played the game before, you won’t have trouble understanding how to play it because it’s easy to learn. Cook the orders of the customers and give them on time. It can be challenging when you reach the higher levels where you have several food items to offer and the customers are also increasing in number.

Requires In-App Purchase to Unlock Levels

While you can play the first level of the game for free, you will be asked for make an in-app purchase if you want to play the remaining levels. The price to unlock the full game is not that high so if you don’t mind paying a small amount for a game that you will enjoy, then this might not be a problem.

The Ups

It’s a classic game that brings nostalgia to those who have played the old arcade game before. It has something fresh to offer as it has new locations in the UK. Those who haven’t played it won’t have difficulties understanding the basic gameplay. It has the right level of challenge that makes the game interesting.

The Downs

Although there are different locations, the gameplay is still the same, and the foods offered also remains to be the same. It also requires in-app purchase for the entire game to be unlocked.

The Verdict

Hot Dog Bush is a classic game that is fun and enjoyable. If you don’t mind spending a small amount to unlock a game that you will enjoy, it’s recommended that you download this app.

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